Bootle Washers for the Food Industry

Consumables Under Glass

Those in the food industry know that packaging with cardboard and paper does not present food at its best. Glass is superior; it does not interact with packaging or products. Our efficient, affordable Multi Function Washer will remove any potential contamination before the food product is sealed in its glass container. Our bottle washer will provide a clean and sterilized container that will help your food retain its flavor and aroma.


All glass packaging, whether new or reused needs cleaning before use. Our bottle cleaner can provide the intense cleaning required of returnable bottles while using less energy and less water. Regardless of the size of your operation, the Multi-Function Washer will handle the load; it does the work of a bigger machine, yet is compact enough not to overwhelm a smaller facility.

The Clear Option

Consumers see what they are getting with glass; therefore, they trust the quality of the product they are buying. Easy to operate, and built to last, our counter-top-level bottle cleaner will provide the crystal clear glass container that displays your product best.

Bottle Types

Our bottle washer efficiently cleans the most popular bottle types currently in use by the Food Industry, including:


Oil Glass Bottle