Bottle Washers for Microbrewers

Controlling Contamination

The removal of any source of contamination is important in avoiding flavors and smells not typically associated with beer. Our efficient, affordable, bottle cleaner can remove major sources of contamination, and provide you with clean, sanitized beer bottles free of any dust, even that which may have made its way inside.

Old Bottles are New Again

As part of the microbrewery industry, you likely promote an eco-friendly image and production philosophy. This means that reusing bottles is part of your business plan. Our easy-to-operate bottle cleaner can provide the intensive washing that reused bottles need to remove any residue inside or contaminants on the outside of the bottle. The Multi-Function Washer, with its energy saving performance and low water consumption, can play an essential part in your eco-friendly image while providing reused bottles as sterile as new ones.

Serious Work

Cleaning the number of bottles needed in a microbrewery production run is serious work. However, our efficient, easy-to-operate bottle cleaner is up for this challenge; it is built to last and does the job of much bigger equipment while saving space.

Bottle Types

Our bottle washer efficiently cleans the most popular bottle types currently in use by Microbrewers, including:

Stubby and Steinie
De Nederlandse Bierfles


Keg and Pressure Container