Bootle Washers for Research Laboratories


One reason research laboratories use glass is that it is transparent. Our efficient bottle cleaner, the affordable Multi-Function Washer will ensure your glass containers are as clean as possible, making it easier to view the matter being studied.


We understand the most carefully performed experiment may return a flawed result if dirty glassware is used. Our easy-to-operate bottle washer can ensure that your glassware is always biologically sterile, and chemically and physically clean. With its low energy use and low water consumption, our bottle cleaner will suit the needs of even the most cost-effective lab.


We are familiar with the need for perfectly clean glassware, especially as research becomes increasingly precise. The reproducibility of results is essential. Our counter-top level bottle washer can ensure the glassware used in your research work is not a source of contamination.

Prepare More

Experiments can demand a significant amount of clean glassware. Built to last, our compact bottle cleaner is capable of doing the job of bigger equipment. With our bottle washers, your laboratory can prepare more glassware without having to sacrifice valuable floor space.

Bottle Types

Our bottle washer efficiently cleans the most popular bottle types currently in use by Research Laboratories, including:

Boston round bottle
Winchester bottle
Reagent bottles

Media bottles
Graduated bottles

Laboratory flask