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At Aquatech BM, we are committed to driving success for our clients by addressing their unique needs in the bottle washing and sterilization sector. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations in the following areas:

Our Objectives:

  1. Efficient Cleaning and Sterilization: We guarantee effective cleaning and sterilization of bottles and other containers, ensuring they meet the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation.
  2. Environmental Stewardship: We are dedicated to promoting the reuse of containers, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing waste.
  3. Adaptability to Various Cleaning Agents: Our solutions are versatile, capable of handling multiple cleaning products to cater to different cleaning requirements.
  4. Versatility in Container Formats: We pride ourselves on our ability to manage a wide array of bottle shapes and sizes, ensuring flexibility across industries.


Addressing Challenges: We understand the challenges our clients face, from the shortage of glass containers to the intricacies of manual washing and sterilization processes. Our solutions are designed to overcome:

  • Glass Shortage and Manual Washing Issues: By enhancing efficiency, we help mitigate the impact of glass shortages and reduce the reliance on labor-intensive manual washing.
  • Training and Staff Retention: We provide user-friendly machines accompanied by comprehensive training programs, making it easier for our clients to maintain and operate their equipment, thereby improving staff retention.
  • Adapting to Unusual Formats: Our technology is equipped to handle unusual container formats, ensuring quality washing and sterilization across all types of containers.


Delivering Value: Our approach is centered on delivering tangible gains for our clients:

  1. Streamlined Processes: By addressing pain points effectively, we streamline operations, saving time and resources.
  2. Boosted Production and Reduced Costs: Our solutions contribute to increased production efficiency and significant cost savings in labor and water usage.
  3. Enhanced Profitability: We aim to boost our clients’ bottom line, with a particular focus on industries like dairy, where profitability is key.
  4. Environmental Impact: Through water conservation and promoting the reuse of containers, we help our clients contribute positively to the environment.
  5. Operational Excellence: Our solutions minimize downtime and enable staff reallocation to value-added tasks, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

At Aquatech BM, we are not just a provider; we are your partner in achieving operational excellence and sustainability. Let us help you stand out as an environmentally conscious and efficient leader in your industry.

Aquatech-BM’s team of experts is proud to have the skills necessary to design and manufacture high-quality, easy-to-use, robust and eco-responsible devices. The R&D team – research and development – works continuously to improve the performance of bottle washers and to reduce the ecological footprint.

Every device that comes off the assembly line undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous adjustments are made as needed to deliver a product that meets customer expectations.

Stainless steel welder working on a pipe for bottle cleaner machine

Our commitment is to provide products we can be proud of.

Our Philosophy: AquaTech BM is, first and foremost, a team of passionate and dedicated experts. Our mission is to continuously improve in an ever-changing sector. We are committed to consistently enhancing the quality of our products while aiming for a significant reduction in production times.

Our Methodology: We achieve this goal by meticulously re-examining each of our processes. Our approach is rigorously based on the principles of “lean manufacturing”, a strategy focused on efficiency and minimizing waste.

Innovation and Quality:
Our devices undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance. We strive to produce equipment that cleans and disinfects more quickly, while using less water and energy. This constant pursuit of innovation is at the heart of our approach.

bottle sanitizer tray getting packed for shipping

Always ready
to take up

Our technology has evolved since 1994. Our main objective is to help different types of companies rely on their washing systems. Our product has been tested and many of our washers are still in service after over 25 years.

If you plan to clean bottles, barrels, tanks or containers, our bottle washer is the optimal solution for you. Do you need a custom bottle washer? The team of experts will be happy to design a cleaning device adapted to your needs.

All devices designed by Aquatech-BM are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance, regardless of the model chosen.