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For many years, Aquatech Leasing & Management has played a leading role in the growth of its clients’ businesses. Our team of experts have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of commercial and industrial sterilization devices and bottle washers. Our customers, which include winemakers, brewers, dairy farms and laboratories, among others, use our bottle washers in different industries. We work to provide you with durable devices that fit your needs, space, and budget.


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The history of our company begins with the problem of complete cleaning of glass bottles. Their narrow wall motivated us to develop a technology that would counter this problem. Over time we have developed two models of bottle washing machines, adapted to specific sizes. Subsequently, with a lot of research and collaboration with our current customers, we invented a machine that adapts to any size.

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Our new two-in-one model replaces two of our previous products. This new model combines efficiency and simplicity. By combining the functionality of its predecessors into one model, we have revolutionized the market. We now offer an easy-to-use bottle washing machine that performs well on the larger machines while consuming less water and less energy.

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If you plan to clean bottles, barrels, tanks or containers, our bottle washer is the optimal solution for you. Do you need a custom bottle washer? The team of experts will be happy to design a cleaning device adapted to your needs.

All devices designed by Aquatech-BM are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance, regardless of the model chosen.


Our technology has evolved since 1979. Our main objective is to help different types of companies rely on their washing systems. Our product has been tested and many of our washers have still in service for over 12 years. Trust us today and contact us for more information about our eco-friendly multifunction washer!


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Aquatech-BM’s team of experts is proud to have the skills necessary to design and manufacture high-quality, easy-to-use, robust and eco-responsible devices. The R&D team – research and development – works continuously to improve the performance of bottle washers and to reduce the ecological footprint.

Every device that comes off the assembly line undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous adjustments are made as needed to deliver a product that meets customer expectations.

The commitment of the experts at Aquatech-BM is to provide products they can be proud of!

The Multi-Function Washer offers a selection of 12 interchangeable diffusers and as many baskets suitable for any combination of bottle available on the market today

With the two primary motivations, space and budget, our machine had to be able to adapt to give customers versatility. One thing leading to another, our multifunction washer was born. We have successfully designed the single, most efficient and versatile washer and sterilizer on the market.

This new affordable bottle washer offers a wide range of diffusers and baskets suitable for all shapes and sizes of bottles on the market.

Our machines are designed to last a long time and match your needs. We tailor each machine to the needs of our customers and make sure everything is done within your budget. Our bottle washers are used in several fields such as wine growers, microbreweries, dairy farms and laboratories, as well as many others.




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