Big Container washer

Large drums, containers, buckets and barrels Washing machine

Then, your search ends here. Our Industrial Container Washer can clean clean 9 buckets of 5 gallons each (23 liters) or 9 ¼ bbl barrels (40 liters) at a time.

barrel washer machine
commercial drum and blue container
Industrial container washer for big barrils

Large containers and barrels washer

Here is why our Industrial Container Washer is a favorite for dairy farms, brewers, winemakers and other producers who use large containers every day :

  1. A washing machine with a capacity of 37 cubic feet
  2. Accelerated washing productivity
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. Consumes less water and energy
plastic jerry can drum barrel with dirt on it

Give this job to the AquaTech BM Industrial drum washer and container cleaning machine

To meet all these criteria, our industrial washer is suitable and easy to use. Also, the washer capability various size from 1 gallon to 55 gallons containers. It allows you to achieve better results than traditional hand washing. This will save you money while making your life easier, in addition to doing your part for the environment.

commercial drum washing machine

Drum Washers + Container Cleaning Solutions

The industrial container washer can clean:

  • 9 buckets of 5 gallons each (23 liters)
  • 9 water bottles of 5 gallons each (23 liters)
  • 9 ¼ bbl barrels (40 liters)

Another key point, we can adapt it to many types and sizes of containers. Our team of experts is well positioned to advise you.

Custom made manifolds and racks.

On the other hand, we can build custom made manifolds and racks. The goal is to maximize the number of washes possible. Another good point is the high pressure, all stainless steel wash rinse arms connected to the robust stainless steel pump.

Clean large bottles

Move your productivity to the next level

Large load capacity adapted with your choice of wash cycle programming

Typical cycle; Soap wash, Disinfectant washing, final rinse with heated water around  200 °F / 93 °C. 

Programmable according to the parameters required for the desired cleanliness.

1 or 3 phases 

230-240 vac, 1ph 50/60 Hz 30 amp,

400 vac, 3ph 50/60 Hz 30 amp, + neutral or 208 vac 3ph 50/60 Hz 30 amp,

Width: 41 ⅞’’ inside (106.36 cm); Depth: 40 ¼’’ ; Height: 73 3/16’’ Weight, 185 lbs (83.9 Kg).

Canada & USA ; 110-220 V, 60 Hz–30amp.

Europe, Asia, Australia; 230-250 V, 50 Hz–30 amps 5 KW*hr power consumption. (CSA) – (UL) and (CE).

Easy to hook up to your hot water supply, with a ½ ”inside diameter or hose. (1.27 cm)

It is recommended to connect to a water heater tank of 60 gallons and more (227 liters) set at 140 ° F (60 ° C) to allow the integrated water heater to perform a final rinse at + – 200 ° F with a minimum pressure of 50-60 psi. (3.65 Bar) The recommended drain: rigid pipe or with an inside diameter of 1 in, (2.54 cm).

High or Low water level switch (cut water consumption by half): ideal for new bottles when it requires a quick rinse.

Optional: High or Low water level switch (cut water consumption by half): ideal for new bottles when it requires a quick rinse.

Water level selector, cuts water consumption in half.

Digital HMI interface, to program cycle times and quantity of cleaning products.

Upper or lower wash arm.

Additional cleaning nozzles, rotating nozzles fixed under the diffuser and allow optimal cleaning. 

Inspection According to standards CSA CE.

1 machine for 100 containers!


  • Efficiency: Streamline your cleaning process with a system capable of handling various container sizes and types, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

  • Durability: With its stainless steel construction, this washer promises durability and reliability, minimizing maintenance requirements.

  • Eco-Friendly: Embrace sustainability with our water-saving reuse system, which lessens environmental impact and supports your green initiatives.

  • Ease of Use: Its user-friendly design ensures ease of operation, making it accessible to all levels of staff within your organization.

Aquatech-BM offers a large format industrial washer.

Design to accelerate your washing process / Easy to integrated into a cleaning chain

Key Features:

  • Material Quality: Constructed from premium-grade stainless steel (options available in both 304 and 316), our washer is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use while ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.

  • High-Pressure Washing System: Equipped with a powerful high-pressure washing mechanism, it ensures deep cleaning and removal of stubborn residues, ensuring your containers are thoroughly sanitized and ready for immediate reuse.

  • Versatility: Our washer’s adaptable design makes it suitable for cleaning all types of containers, from commercial drums and barrels to garbage cans, providing a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs.

  • International Shipping: Available for global delivery, this barrel washing system is ready to be shipped internationally, ensuring businesses around the world can benefit from its superior cleaning capabilities.

  • Easy Connectivity: Designed with simplicity in mind, our washer can be easily connected to your existing water supply, allowing for quick setup and immediate operation.

  • Water Reuse System: Featuring an advanced water reuse system, it not only conserves water but also significantly reduces operational costs by recycling the water used during the washing process.