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With the importance of water and the reduction of energy consumption in our society, Aquatech-BM is a pioneer in the incorporation of method to reduce these two resources. The emphasis is on promoting eco-responsible products and improving companies’ ecological footprint.

Bottle washing for wine artisan o wine barrel technician


Purified water and drinkable water in reusable jugs and bottles after Aquatech-BM washing

Water Distributors

Cosmetic and medical after pandemic and covid solution to wash containers

Research Labs

Crafted beer washer with innovative green technology


Hotel industry promoting solutions for eco-friendly solutions through bottle washing


Food and juices bottled after cleaning

Food Industry

Distilleries bottle washer for alcohol drinks to keep a fresh and original flavour


Milk Production bottle washing machine sanitizing

Dairy Farms

Learn more about each industry and their bottle washer needs. We know how to respond to the reality of bottle washing and sterilization. Our experts were able to observe the lack of resources in this area and come back with an extraordinary solution. See our products in action.