Bottles used on farms, clean, respecting the laws and standards of health and hygiene thanks to a thorough washing with a bottle washing machine

milk bottle washing machine

3 Revolutionary Milk Bottle Washers: Transforming Hygiene and Efficiency in Your Dairy Business

Commercial solutions for all popular containers Pint, Jug, Calf bottles and nipples 

milk bottle washing machine for dairy farms
Reusable glass milk bottle

Maximizing Washing Efficiency: Time and Cycle Management

Pre-Rinse Cycle: Removes loose debris and residue from the bottles with water to prevent clogging and enhance the effectiveness of the wash cycles.

Initial Wash Cycle: Uses a mild warm detergent solution to start breaking down organic materials on the bottles.

Main Wash Cycle: A stronger detergent, typically at a higher temperature, is used for thorough cleaning and to remove remaining residues.

Rinse Cycle: Rinses off detergent residues from the bottles, ensuring no detergent remains.

Sanitization Cycle (High-Temperature Wash): The critical step where bottles are exposed to high temperatures (above 80°C/176°F) to eliminate bacteria and pathogens.

Bottle cleaning machine for milk producers and different kind of containers

3 Essential Benefits of a Commercial Milk Bottle Washing Machine

1. Significant Time and Labor Savings:

Manual washing of milk bottles, especially in large quantities, is time-consuming and labor-intensive. A single bottle-fed calf typically requires feeding two to three times a day, leading to potentially thirty bottles needing washing three times daily. A commercial milk bottle washer dramatically reduces this workload, ensuring thorough cleaning without the need to skip essential steps.

2. Enhanced Hygiene and Reliability:

 A commercial and industrial milk bottle washer is designed not just for efficiency but also for impeccable hygiene. These machines are built to meet and exceed rigorous hygiene standards in both Europe and North America. This means farm operators can rely on consistent cleanliness, crucial for the health of bottle-fed calves and compliance during inspections.

3. Adaptability and Specialized Features:

Multi-function washers tailored for dairy farms come equipped with features specifically designed for bottle feeding equipment. These include special racks for nipples and adjustable fittings to accommodate various bottle sizes and shapes. This adaptability extends beyond dairy uses, as the same machine is effective for cleaning wine bottles and other containers, ensuring they are free from contaminants like dust.

Glass milk bottle washer for sale

Dairy farms are also looking at their own customized, returnable and reusable milk glass bottles. It’s giving the opportunity to create a circular economy in your business.

The machine is made all popular milk pint and gallon.

These will bring significant savings over time while helping reduce waste by reusing and re-purposing their old bottles. Our bottle cleaner, with its energy saving performance and low water consumption, will contribute to reducing costs as it reduces waste. Choose the eco-friendly option by trusting our Multi-Function Bottle Washer or the Multi-Compact Washer.

Rotating nozzle specifically designed cleaning inside dairy bottle necks of all shapes.

Dairy milk bottle cleaning
Hotel bottle cleaner to wash effectively pint

Cleaning solution for milk bottles

 The deep cleaning design of our custom bottle washers ensures our customers’ satisfaction. Our commercial washers manufactured to industry standards allow us to be the industry leader in washing and sterilizing bottles of any size.

Perfectly Clean dairy calf nipple

On dairy farms, it is important to regularly clean milk bottles, regardless of size, to keep the environment clean with good hygiene. Dairy farms consume about 800 gallons of milk daily. To be able to store them, the farms use bottles to package this milk. It is true that today more and more farmers are returning to packaging milk in glass bottles rather than plastic bottles. 

Fortunately, machines nowadays automate the process to help increase the efficiency of our milk producers; our affordable milk bottle cleaner does the job of bigger equipment, yet is a space saver.

The Importance of Sterilization

For many years, the company Aquatech-BM has played a leading role with companies who want to rely on affordable high performance devices to clean milk bottles or containers.

Whether for the breeding of cows, sheep or goats, farmers in several countries wish to offer organic or artisanal production in glass bottles. Often times, they want to reuse their own personalized, returnable containers. The demand for the return of the returnable glass bottle is increasing and Aquatech-BM has a wide range of high-performance devices to accomplish the task of washing and sterilization. 

Learn More About Calf Milk Bottle Washer and Cleaner

At Aquatech-BM, we’ve been manufacturing specialty milk bottle washing equipment since 2006. Made of high-quality stainless steel and designed for high performance with minimal resource consumption, our multi-function milk bottle cleaner provides dairy farmers the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained herd and minimal environmental impact.

To learn more about a custom washing and drying solution for your dairy parlor, contact us. A member of our team will be in touch directly to discuss a quote.

calf pint bottle in plastic of glass

Made for dairy farmers

The average dairy farm contains 115 mature cows, each of them producing about 7 gallons of milk per day. If you count precisely, that makes more than 800 gallons of milk each and every day! Therefore, you have to provide the right storage in order to keep the milk fresh.

The most common method is the glass bottle. But before using them, they have to pass through a thorough cleaning, washing and sanitizing process. And that is a lot of milk bottles to clean! Fortunately, machines nowadays automate the process to help increase the efficiency of our milk producers; our affordable milk bottle washer does the job of bigger equipment, yet is a space saver.

Calf bottles, nipple and teat cleaning machine

Design for all sizes and formats. All in one device. It is recommended to use hot water to clean the residue inside and outside the nipple, as well as to maintain the temperature above 145 degrees F / 63 degrees C. Our washers meet health criteria and inspector codes in your area.

The multifunction washer facilitates the calf feeding process in addition to providing excellent results for cleaning milk feeding equipment.

Embracing Sustainability and Quality: The Advantages of Glass Bottles in Dairy Production

The first reason is that a glass bottle is zero waste, in fact the glass bottle responds to many current events such as the environment, organic and zero waste, which therefore gives a good image to dairies which wish to switch to the glass bottle because the glass is reusable 5 to 30 times. The second is that the milk is of better quality unlike plastic bottles which can leave a taste in it after being packaged in cartons.

However, these bottles must be clean and cleaned regularly, so it is during this process that our company Aquatech-BM intervenes in the cleaning of milk bottles thanks to our bottle washing machines which can clean bottles of all sizes. Our milk bottle cleaning machine will save the farmer time and be efficient while keeping the environment clean.

The water and time savings make this product unique and allow it to compete against large industrial dishwashers.

Zero Waste

milk bottle cleaning machine

Always for fresh milk

Fresh milk tastes incredibly delicious and being bottled helps maintain that great taste! It also ensures that a sufficient supply of sterile bottles is ready when needed. Our milk bottle washing machines are efficient, easy to use and built to last.
With the help of our multifunction washer, get quality milk from the farm to your table. The bottled milk delivery service is growing in popularity and with the arrival of electric cars, this phenomenon is sure to experience a boom. Positioning yourself will also have a positive long-term effect.

Bottle types

Our bottle washer efficiently cleans the most popular bottle types currently in use by the dairy farm producers, including:


  • British milk bottle
  • Pinte (quart)
  • Liter Calf Bottle
  • Demiard
  • Roquilles
  • Crémettes
  • Milk jug
  • Old Milk Jug
  • Milkcan
  • Milk Cans
  • Vintage Metals
  • Metals Dairy
  • Milk Bottle
Dairy Glass Shoppe
Milk Jugs
Dairy Crest Milk Bottle
Demiard Bottle

Cattle nursing bottle and nipple cleaner

With the same bottle washer, you can wash nursing bottles AND nipples of any size and any format.

Using warm water to clean mil residues of the outside and inside nipple. Important do keep the temperature above 145 degrees F  / 63 degrees C.

The multi function washer helps the calf  feeding process. It give a great result for cleaning milk feeding equipment.

With the help of our Multi-Function Washer, get fresh milk from the farm to your table.  More and more are talking about milk deliveries services. Here’s an article Milk deliveries return to fashion as Britain works from home in coronavirus crisis.

Bottle machine for dairy farms

Quantity of bottle washed per cycle

  • 8oz (236ml) 56mm Half Pint Glass ► Wash 42 per cycle
  • 12oz (355ml) 48mm Glass ► Wash 42 per cycle
  • 16oz (473ml) 48mm Squat Pint Glass ► Wash 30 per cycle
  • 16oz (473ml) 48mm Tall Pint Glass ► Wash 30 per cycle
  • 32oz (946ml) 48mm Square Quart Glass ► Wash 30 per cycle
  • 32oz (946ml) 48mm Round Quart Glass ► Wash 25 per cycle
  • 34oz (1L) 48mm Liter Glass   ► Wash 30 per cycle
  • 64oz (1.89L) 38mm Half Gallon Glass ► Wash 20 per cycle
Milk bottles for dairy farms and dairy producers

Washing machine for plastic nipples

For livestock breeders, it is necessary to wash the containers that will be used to feed the young animals but also their teats. It is obvious that the health of one of her animals is important to a farmer in the field of animal agriculture.

Thus, it is vital to avoid contamination of baby bottles by ensuring their cleanliness and sterility. There is no need to do this task by hand, many breeders have long understood this. Hand washing has been proven to eliminate virtually no bacteria in addition to using more water than a machine. Hand washing is therefore a waste of time and a waste of water. Using outdated technology is also not the answer; these bottle washers will never be as efficient, as ecological and as economical as modern machines.

To avoid bottle contamination and save time and money, choose the powerful technology from Aquatech-BM.

Our machine can be used as a bottle washer with nipples and is ideally suited for livestock breeders.

Easy to use and multifunctional, only one machine is needed for cleaning bottles and nipples. In addition to helping you prevent the spread of disease between your little animals, our technology is also environmentally friendly. Its energy-efficient performance and reduced water consumption are certainly a definite improvement when compared to dated machines. Since an abundant amount of water is needed for raising livestock, using technology like Aquatech-BM to wash your bottles is one way you can help the planet without having to change professions. Thanks to our machine, you will no longer have to worry; this bottle washer will irrevocably save time and money for breeders in addition to helping them maintain the health of their young animals.


The multifunction washer facilitates the calf feeding process in addition to providing excellent results for cleaning milk feeding equipment.