Dairy Glass Shoppe

milk-bottles materials

Dairy Shoppe and Jugs washing machine

the 33.8 Oz (1 LtR) Shoppe glass bottle can easily be cleaned by the Aquatech-BM Multi-Function sanitizer and washer.

jar cleaner for dairy

For the past 15 years we have been manufacturing a milk jar cleaning machine. Made to sanitize small and large bottles at the same time. Perfect tools for dairy farmer that want to clean their Shoppe pint or Jars.

Enables bottle reuse to save on purchase and attract repeat customers.

Examples of glass jugs the machine can clean

dairy jars bottles in glass

Made for dairy farm accessories as well

dairy quartz washer

Washer perfectly design for your fresh milk.

hotel bottle cleaning machine

The machine is made all popular milk pint and gallon.

These will bring significant savings over time while helping reduce waste by reusing and re-purposing their old bottles.

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