Commercial bottle washer for Water bottlers
Perfect for Plastic and Glass water containers

Ideal solution for water dispensers

This plastic container washer will speed up your production

By offering water in bottles cleaned by our bottle washers, you will be assured that your customers will receive clear, odorless and fresh tasting water. No presence of residue, bacteria or mold. In fact, the cleanliness of water bottles is very important in a world where water is a crucial natural resource for all life on earth.

We want you to enjoy clean, bacteria-free water from the impeccable cleaning of your bottles. Working hard and relentlessly gives dramatic results. At Aquatech-BM, we focus on 100% customer satisfaction and listen to their needs. Our team undertakes every sale with the utmost care. Our reputation and the trust of our customers are very important to us. It is clear that Aquatech-BM goes beyond every transaction to exceed the expectations of its customers.

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Role of the 20L 5.3 Gallon Water Bottle washing machine

Health and safety issues also need to be addressed. As a water distributor, you may have the highest quality product but are you 100% sure about the containers you are using?

Any contaminant must be removed before the product gets anywhere near the customer.

Our affordable, easy-to-operate bottle washer ensures that your clean water keeps its freshness and its quality. Fresh tasting, clean smelling water is the key to a happy, healthy customers.

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Water distribution bottle cleaning machine

Eco-Friendly Marketing

As a water distributor, we know that you already reuse bottles. It is a money-saving and eco-friendly efficient business model. We can help you further capitalize on your ecological marketing strategy.

Our bottle washers use less energy and less water while doing the job of bigger equipment.

As an added bonus, our bottle cleaners are compact, which enables you to increase your bottle washing volume without increasing your floor space. Increased productivity, increased satisfaction from your customers.


big glass bottle washer

Bottle types

Our water bottle washer efficiently cleans the most popular bottle types currently in use by Water distributor, including:

  • Water bottles
  • PET bottles
  • Whitwick bottles
  • Jerrycan – 1.25 Gallon plastic
  • Jerrycan – 2.5 Gallon plastic
  • Jerrycan – 5 Gallon plastic
  • Jerrycan – 7 Gallon plastic
  • Plastic Jugs
  • 20L/5.3 Gallon Heavy Duty Water Jug
  • 20L/5.3 Gallon Carboy

Importance of a reliable system

Water is a very important asset and the good management of it is important to us. We attach great importance to the trust our customers place in us year after year. Our machines have been able to deliver results above customer expectations and this is what has enabled us to extend our offer to the whole world. Our bottle washers are delivered to 80 different countries around the world which have the same purpose; wash bottles in an eco-responsible way and more easily.

Crystal clear water in an impeccably clean container. Water bottlers are Aquatech-BM’s most perfectionist customers, and with good reason. The multi-function bottle washer is affordable and easy to use, ideal for marketing bottled water.

20 liter bottle washer

By dispensing water into containers cleaned by the Aquatech-BM bottle washer, water bottlers can be confident that customers will receive a product that is odorless, clear and safe to drink.

The water supply industry is moving towards environmentally friendly methods.

Aquatech-BM is a pioneer in the development of methods that save water, energy and reduce the ecological footprint of each company. Our solution is offered to help you become an environmentally conscious business not only for you but for generations to come.

15 years serving clients worldwide

To learn more about our different products, and to speak with an expert at Aquatech-BM, contact us now. It will be our pleasure to give you a demonstration and tell you about all the advantages of our products. We have blind faith in our products because we know they have been designed to meet the demands of our customers. Working together created the best bottle washers on the market.

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From the smallest bottle to the largest, Our washer will clean them all.