5 Gallon Container and Carboy Washing Machine

Big glass bottle cleaner

5 gallon /20 L carboy washer Machine

All in one, commercial washing machine for all volumes of Carboy, Jugs, Jerrycan

We have been manufacturing bottle washers for 20 liters / 5 gallons plastic or glass containers for over 15 years. Whether it is to rinse or sterilize them, our device will do the job. It is always better to have a machine to wash your containers. Indeed, everything is more reliable than when it is done by a human.

The device can easily change cycles. In addition, it can clean small bottles as well as large jerry cans with the same device. It is for this reason that it is very easy to increase production capacity with the 5 gallon 20 liter container washer.

carboy washer machineFor all types of plastic containers for filling water

Excellent machine for washing different sizes of plastic containers. The Solution that has proven itself over the years and improvements. There are several types of 5 gallon plastic containers. It may contain more resistant plastic. For all types of carboy, 4 to 60 litres (1 to 16 US gal)

Efficient Carboy cleaner for all types of plastics containers up to 50 gallons

Product Description:
Discover the pinnacle of container cleaning with the Aquatech-BM 5 Gallon Container Washer and Carboy Washing Machine, your comprehensive solution for sanitizing plastic containers of various sizes. Engineered to accommodate a wide range of volumes from 4 to 60 liters (1 to 16 US gallons), this machine is the ultimate tool for businesses that fill water or other beverages in plastic containers.

Our machine stands out for its versatility, capable of handling the diversity of 5 gallon plastic containers, including those made from more resilient plastics. It’s an excellent choice for all types of carboys, ensuring that every container, regardless of its size or the toughness of the plastic, is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Featuring high-quality spinning nozzles that penetrate each carboy or gallon container, the Aquatech-BM Carboy Washer is powerful enough to cleanse tanks up to 50 gallons. Pre-programmed cycle times are optimized for 20-liter / 5-gallon water containers, making it a highly efficient carboy cleaner for all types of plastic containers up to 50 gallons.

The Aquatech-BM model offers unparalleled efficiency, allowing you to clean 4 containers per cycle with cycle times ranging from 1 to 10 minutes depending on the required level of cleanliness. Whether your carboys are between 4 to 25 liters (1 to 7 US gallons) in size, our machine can adapt, with an impressive average wash capacity of over 15 loads per hour.

We at Aquatech-BM are committed to understanding and supporting our clients’ projects, ensuring that our container washer not only meets but exceeds your operational needs. The solution has proven itself over years of innovation and improvements, becoming a trusted ally in the beverage production and distribution industry. Opt for the Aquatech-BM bucket washer for a reliable, efficient, and versatile cleaning solution that keeps your production line moving smoothly.