The Multi-Function Bottle Washer

Would you like to wash more bottles in less time? Then, our Multi-Function Bottle Washer is ideal for you.

Delegate the work. With a washing capacity of 100 to 1200 bottles per hour (based on bottle size), the Multi-Function Washer is capable of cleaning both interior and exterior parts of glasses.

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What the AquaTech BM Bottle Cleaning Machine offers

Here is why our Multi-Function Washer is a favorite for winemakers, brewers, Dairy farms, and other producers who use glass bottles every day:

1-Efficient Wash: Fast and thorough cleaning, achieving top sterilization results.
2-Effective Sanitization: Meets all hygiene standards for comprehensive bottle sanitation.
3-Eco-Friendly Reuse: Encourages the reuse of containers to minimize environmental impact.
4-Diverse Cleaning Agents: Accommodates multiple cleaning solutions for various requirements.
5-Versatile Bottle Formats: Adapts to various bottle shapes and sizes, customizable to client specifications.

The Multi-function washer is perfect to wash, clean and rinse bottle. In other words, this machine is easy to integrated in your production line. The know-how of different generations has made it possible to test and apply mechanical and electronic innovations.

In addition, the materials comes from exchanges with business relationships over more than a decade. Our device is designed by an industry leader in bottle cleaners and tested to the highest standards of the industry.

For all types of bottles

From 5ml (o.16oz) to 60 liters (16 gallons)

We can also customize your bottle rinser and washer for all formats and sizes of containers.

One year complete warranty on parts and labor
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The Features You Need for your bottle cleaner machine

  • Built by a leader in the field of commercial Bottle & Growlers washers
  • Machines built to industrial standards
  • Machines built to last (for thousands of duty cycles)
  • User-friendly automated control panel
  • Low water consumption
  • Capable of washing 100 to 1200+ bottles/hour (based on available water supply and bottle size)
  • 2 gal. 5 kw insulated hot water booster for 190°F+ rinse
  • Choice of 3 pre-programmed wash cycles
  • Integrated low maintenance peristaltic feed pump
  • Quick cleaning integrated waste filter
  • Solid 16 gauge stainless steel construction
  • Plastic-coated racks made with durable stainless steel
  • Large 22″ unobstructed chamber opening
  • Adjustable levelling feet

Load Capacity

  • 30 bottle/cycle load capacity for 750 ml and 1 liter standard bottles
  • 16 to 25 bottle/cycle rack load capacity for 1.5 liter standard bottles
  • Rack adapter accommodates 30-200 to 500 ml bottles
  • 16-64 oz. Growlers simultaneously
  • 4 Carboys simultaneously

Custom-built solutions on demand

We offer a complete solution

In development since 2007, this new Multi-Function have many new features. In addition, this Aquatech-BM multifunction bottle washer combines the functionality of its predecessors in a single unit. We have created an easy to use tool. In terms of comparison, we can see that our bottle rinser and sanitizer performs at the same level as larger machines, while consuming less water and energy.

If you wish to accelerate significantly your bottle washing process, integrate our semi-automatic Multi-Function Washer into your operation.

There are dishwashers capable of cleaning the outside of the bottles with the hot steam of their “disinfect” function. However, the interior being the most important part to clean, this function is almost useless. Thus, it is necessary to have a machine capable of performing the disinfectant function of dishwashers in addition to carrying out the full washing of glass bottles of all sizes.

At Aquatech-BM, we offer devices capable of filling the dishwasher gap. In like manner, the machine is allowing the complete cleaning of all kinds of bottles, from 100to 1200 bottles per hour. Thus, the function of washing bottles in conventional dishwashers (disinfection) is fulfilled, in addition to a complete cleaning of the bottle regardless of the type of opening.

During mass production, it is necessary to pay attention to the hygiene of your bottles to avoid spoiling your liquid products. They must then be poured into containers of an optimal level of cleanliness. This is why this device is an essential aid in the work of winemakers, brewers, Dairy farms and other producers who use glass bottles every day.

Bottle steriliser made for dairy, food, laboratory

Specs and features of the Aquatech BM bottle washer

30 bottles, load capacity for 25.4 oz. (750 ml) and (33.8 oz.) 1 liter, 3¼’’ ext. diameter 25 bottles, load capacity for 4’’ inches (10,2 cm) ext. diameter or less. 16 bottles load capacity 1.5 liter (50.72 oz.) or Growlers 5 inches (127 mm) ext. diameter 4 Carboys simultaneously from 18 to 26 liters (4.76 to 6.87 gal) Custom-built for any size and format on demand.

½ inch (1.3 cm) flexible rigid pipe or rubber garden hose with ¾’’ (19.05 mm) connector. We recommend a Heating Water Tank 60-gallon (227.12 L), set up at 140°F / 60 °C, and flow pressure 50-60psi. Drain 1’’ inches (2.54 cm) interior diameter flexible drain hose or rigid pipe.

USA & Canada ; 110-220 V, 60 Hz–30amp. Europe, Asia, Australia; 230-250 V, 50 Hz–30 amps 5 KW/hr. power consumption.

All washer is (CSA) / (UL), (CE) approved.

Width: 26 inches (66 cm); Depth: 32 inches (81 cm); Height: 62 inch (157.5 cm) Open unit; 84 inches (213.5 cm), Weight 185 pounds (83.9 Kg.)

High or Low water level switch (cut water consumption by half): ideal for new bottles when it requires a quick rinse.

A strong 1hp, 1.5hp or 2hp industrial motor pump, plus peristaltic Soap & Sanitizer pump, Quick cleaning integrated waste filter. Constructed of solid stainless steel construction, grade 304 or 316 Inox.  Durable stainless steel and plastic (Canplast) coated ‘’Bottle tray’’ Large 22′′ (56 cm) unobstructed access opening Adjustable leveling feet.

  • Schneider PLC and controls
  • Low water consumption
  • User-friendly automated control panel
  • Washing capacity for 100 to 1000 bottles per hour (Based on bottle size and cycle used)
  • Built-in insulated water heater with a capacity of 5 gallons (20 liters),
  • 4500 watt heating element to reach up to 92 ° C (200 ° F) for the rinse water.
  • Choice of 3 pre-programmed and configurable washing cycles.

What About Water Use?

It’s fair to argue that using a lot of water is not good for the environment either. Which is why, when companies like Aquatech BM design the Multi-Function Washer, we make sure that they are as water efficient as possible. The small amount of water used is completely offset by the carbon footprint reduction, and because no harmful chemicals are required for the process, the wastewater is safe to return to the environment.


Effortless Elegance: Simple-to-Use bottle Cleaning Sanitizing Machine

Experience the seamless operation with our user-friendly wine bottle sanitizer. Designed for simplicity, this product ensures each bottle is hygienically prepped for bottling with minimal effort.

Perfect for Cost Reduction valuing efficiency and quality.

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Bottle rinser washer and sanitizers

New or returnable bottles

To avoid contamination, the bottles, even fresh out of their box, must be carefully cleaned and sterilized before use. The Aquatech-BM Multi-Function Bottle Washer is the go-to solution for removing dust and contaminants that can be found inside and outside of bottles. This gives winemakers impeccably clean bottles, which is reassuring when you consider that certain impurities can affect the quality and taste of the wine. Several forms of bottles are sold on the international market. On the other hand, during transport new types of contamination can appear. Wine producers quickly come to the conclusion that it is essential to wash and sanitize bottles.

Control your Bottle Sterilization

Re-used bottles require more thorough cleaning than new ones. The efficient and easy-to-use Multifunctional bottle washer cleans residues inside and outside the bottles. The sterilization phase eliminates bacteria, resulting in a perfectly sterile container for the products. It is important to have a bottle rinser with the devices to reach the temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, which is the point of sterilization.

Sterilization may at first appear to be a long and expensive job. The Aquatech-BM Multifunction Bottle Washer is a cost-effective and affordable solution in this regard. Compact and designed to last, this bottle washer now takes up less space. It is more efficient than a larger machine, which allows more cleaning capacity without having to invest, for some, in the expansion of premises.

Rinsing Bottles Will Prevent Alteration of Taste

Bacteria builds up inside the bottle over time, changing the taste of the liquids it contains. This is not ideal for any business, as customers will not be happy if they cannot drink their favorite beverage due to an off-putting taste.

Additionally, you would not want to put water into a glass bottle that has just been used for wine because the taste will be transferred over, which could ruin your new product. The same goes for juice bottles – if you are re-filling them, then they should have already been thoroughly cleaned before you add a new product to them.

A Good Foundation To Build Customers’ Trust

One reason that bottles need to be rinsed is so customers can trust you. You want them to know that your product was handled with the utmost care and respect, which means it should come in a clean container. This helps build their confidence into buying from you again in the future. Also by recommending your business to other people they may know.

In fact, customers often judge a business on the quality of its hygiene. Its recommended to set yourself apart from others. It is vital for certain businesses that re-use and rinse bottles before filling them up with another liquid. This will help your customers feel more comfortable and secure about buying products or using services on your premises.

Electric Bottle Washer

Washing bottles is something that simple dishwashers cannot do 100%. When it comes to cleaning the inside of a bottle, that could become quite complicated, given the fact that this one could have a narrow entry and therefore be clean on the whole. This can really be a problem for some of the growers who massively make use of bottles or other containers when the inside is hardly reachable. For example, wine or beer producers will likely be faced with a few hitches when washing the glass bottles. Per example, by washing them by hand or with a conventional dishwasher. This washing difficulty can enable our business and equipment to flourish, because it will provide an answer to the difficult washing all kinds of complex containers to clean—such as glass bottles, if it needs to be washed in barrels when producers use this kind of large container.

Our company, Aquatech-BM, manufactures equipment that ensures small and large-size bottles (from 20 mL to 26 L) are cleaned effectively and quickly. It could save time and be a great efficiency booster, so small and big producers who have not adapted the technology of electric bottle washers should give it a try. It will always allow the bottles to come out as clean as when they were first used, allowing winemakers or brewers, for example, to have a glass bottle that contains the perfect taste of their drink without risks of being bacteria- or dust-injected.

Reuse of bottles, containers and recipients

As 60% of the carbon footprint of wine and alcohol production comes from the production of bottles, winemakers and distillers have understood the benefits of reusing their bottles. The Aquatech-BM multifunction bottle washer, which consumes little energy and water, is part of this ecological movement of the circular economy. This is the ideal solution, which also saves a considerable amount of time and money, in addition to participating concretely in reducing the impacts of industrial and agri-food activities on the environment.

It is true that it is difficult to wash glass bottles as they have to be  sterilized for their next use. However, this is not possible when the bottles are washed by hand. As the researchers point out, you can’t clean just any dishes with the same efficiency as a machine.

First, a dishwasher, for example, uses water that is too hot for its tasks; a human would be unable to imitate it. The hotter the water, the less bacteria survive. Second, cloths or sponges should be washed after each use to ensure that no dirt is spread from stirring to stirring. Washing dishes by hand is already nowhere near as environmentally friendly as a dishwasher (and even only for a family), and having to wash towels and sponges also makes the situation worse.

It is necessary to have professional equipment capable of eliminating all bacteria.

we have a wide range of bottle washing machine for different sizes and budget.

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