The glasses and bottles from the distilleries are clean, respecting the laws and standards of health and hygiene thanks to a thorough washing with a bottle washing machine

5-in-1 Ultimate Glass Bottle Cleaner

Masterful Cleansing for Spirits, Liquor, and Custom Bottles

We have been building efficient glass bottle cleaner for distilleries since 2007.

In this industry, we are called upon to manage many types of bottles; each customer may have different needs and we are here to offer an optimal solution when it comes to bottle washing and disinfection. With this glass bottle washer, you can wash up to 12 loads per hour. The quantity of bottles per basket depends on the size of the bottle to be washed. If the machine is running 8 hours a day, you can wash ,2400 bottles a day.

With 750 ml (26 fl oz) bottles, for example, you can wash 30 at a time. With 375 ml (13 fl oz) bottles, 42 at a time.

The quality of the product is reflected in the whole process, which begins with the optimal washing of each glass bottle, which guarantees not only its cleanliness but also its disinfection. With more demanding sanitation standards, it’s important to us to provide you with the best pre-bottling wash option.

Glass bottle cleaner for distillery

Thanks to this Multi-Function tools!

you will be able to wash and sanitize different sizes of bottles, models, buckets or containers by simply changing the diffuser and basket corresponding to the diameter. The diffusers and baskets are made of stainless steel covered with CanPlast (plasticized) and adapted to match the sizes of the bottles to be washed. The process of changing diffusers takes less than a minute.

Advanced Glass Bottle Sterilization System

Advanced Glass Bottle Sterilization System
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Sparkling bottle cleaning solution...

Discover the Superior Range of Bottle Washers from Aquatech BM, Tailored for Distilleries

Elevate your distillery’s bottling line with Aquatech BM’s premium bottle washers. Our state-of-the-art models are engineered to meet the unique needs of distilleries, ensuring impeccable cleanliness and sterilization for every bottle.

With a focus on efficiency, durability, and cutting-edge technology, Aquatech BM’s bottle washers guarantee a seamless integration into your production process.

Choose excellence and reliability for your distillery with Aquatech BM, and experience the difference in quality and performance.

Bottles types

Our bottle washer efficiently cleans the most popular types of glass bottles currently in use by distillery, including:

Classic Wine Bottle
Standard Wine Bottle
Tenth Wine

Glass Bottle Washers for Distilleries

Highly efficient and easy to use, our bottle washer will remove all residue and contamination both inside and outside of bottles. It is able to eliminate all harmful bacteria to provide you with a sterile container for your products.

Sterilization and disinfection may seem expensive, but our affordable bottle washer is an economical and environmentally friendly solution. Compact and built to last, our machine requires less space than other larger equipment while still getting the job done. So you can increase your disinfection efficiency without having to use up all your floor space.

At Aquatech-BM, we understand the diverse needs of distilleries. Our washers are engineered to accommodate a vast array of bottle sizes, cleansing anywhere from 200 to 1200 bottles per hour. This efficiency frees up time for you to focus on crafting your spirits and growing your market presence. Moreover, our machine is calibrated for low water usage and energy savings, making it a sustainable choice that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers and contributes to your brand’s green footprint.

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A bottle washer made for distilleries

To avoid any contamination even new bottles, out-of-the-box, should be thoroughly cleaned.

With the increase in glass bottle prices, it is increasingly interesting to include a deposit program in your service offering. To obtain a quality distillation process, the cleanliness of the bottles is fundamental so as not to affect the quality of the final product. Washing and disinfecting a considerable volume of bottles can be time consuming if this process is done manually and not designed to ensure disinfection inside the glass bottle.

Sterilizing might sound like expensive work, but our affordable bottle washer is a cost-effective solution.

For distilleries, the Multi-Function washer from Aquatech-BM is ideal. This machine can indeed wash all types of bottles and sterilize them to ensure that no dust or impurities come to spoil your work. Also, if you are planning to tackle global warming, our technology will definitely be of great help. Rinsing glass bottles is increasingly popular before bottling. With a precise choice of cycle, it is possible to rinse the bottles quickly.

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End Manual Bottle Washing Fatigue

Revolutionize your bottle cleaning process with our automated solution. Say goodbye to the tedious, manual effort and welcome efficiency, saving time and energy in your beverage production.

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