The clavelin is a squat bottle that is specifically used for vin jaune. This type of white wine of yellowish colour is produced in the Jura region of eastern France and is made with Savagnin grapes. After ageing for six years and three months in an oak cask, this vin de voile (wine who is matured under a veil of yeast) will possess nutty aromas that pair well with chicken recipes and cheese.


In the 18th century when the first clavelins were made, their volume of 62 cl or 620ml  alluded to the 62% of the wine that remained in the cask after the progressive evaporation that occurred during its maturation. This size also corresponds to the chauveau’s which is an old French unit of measurements for liquids.

Although it’s stocky shape represents somewhat of an ode to the past, it can also very well be a headache to clean. Because of its pronounced curves and slender neck, hand-washing it would only be possible with very specific tools and could very well, with the slightest mistake, end up costing you entire batches of this precious wine. With cleaning imperfections threatening their precious hard work, wine producers might choose to abandon the washing process altogether to purchase new bottles after each utilization instead.


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