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Professionnal Beer bottle washer cleaner and sanitizer

What you need to know about our all-in-one beer bottle washer, rinser, and sanitizer

As a result of using our beer bottle cleaner, microbreweries have been able to fill bottles with a perfectly clean bottle, and ensure that their products meet their standards and criteria for sanitary sanitation. Washing cycles are configurable, and you will have the option of choosing detergents, disinfectants, and temperatures ranging from 0 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as caustic cleanser options.

This machine can clean multiple sizes of bottles, containers, and even kegs. It is possible to wash four kegs at once, depending on their sizes. The washing machine’s job is simply to ensure your bottles are thoroughly cleaned before they are filled or stored. This is especially helpful if your bottles are unusually shaped. For instance, you can use your bottle cleaning machine for growlers!

The perfect way to rinse clean and sanitize growlers before filling

We have been producing appliances that allow you to wash faster, with greater pressure, and at higher temperatures, and to dry faster at a lower cost, since 2007. Our machines can be tailored to your operations and bottle sizes, depending on your needs. The stainless steel used in microbreweries for caustic cleaning is different from the stainless steel used for detergent washing. Nevertheless, prices are going up, and reusing is becoming more interesting economically.

We are happy to guide you in choosing the right machine for your needs. Our goal isn’t to promote planned obsolescence. Original manufacturers, our welders possess the ability to make quality welds.

glass bottle washer and cleaner
Premium beer bottle washing service, catering to diverse bottle types for superior brewery hygiene

Key machine operating stats:

  • It cleans between 200 and 1,000 bottles per hour;
  • Water usage is low;
  • Built to last for high performance;
  • Adaptable to any electric source;
  • It is possible to wash with caustic;
  • Racks are constructed from stainless steel and coated;
  • Suitable for small to midsize operations;
  • Great for growler, Longnec, Steinie, keg…;
  • For leveling or coasting, adjustable feet.

The stainless steel we use is of the highest quality for thousands of cycles. The Aquatech-BM beer bottle cleaner can also be adapted to a variety of sizes and designs. We offer beer bottle cleaners ranging from the smallest to the largest commercial sizes. 

With AquatechBM products, you’ll always receive the best:

  1. Contamination management 
  2. A cleanser that does it all
  3. Capacity to work rigorously 
  4. And the best bottle washers for breweries

You can find out more about each of the features of this professional beer bottle washer, rinser, and sterilizer in the bottle cleaning machine page or


Beer Bottle washer rinser and steriliser

If you are cleaning by hand, the cleaning process becomes longer when you have more bottles. Additionally, this method is less environmentally friendly than a bottle washer because it uses more water than a cloth washer (not to mention a large number of bacteria present in the cloths, sponges, and towels). 

Small to mid-sized breweries looking to improve their environmental footprint by reusing glass bottles may want to consider a commercial beer bottle cleaner that can facilitate the needs of their operation. Alcohol producers everywhere would be wise to invest in equipment that saves them time as well as ensures their containers are clean. Both the environment and their wallets would benefit from such an investment.

Efficient growler washer or beer washer for spotless, reusable craft beer containers

beer bottle sterilizer

Brewers need to eliminate all sources of contamination to prevent poisoning and to avoid tastes, flavors, and odors that are not typically associated with beer. To verify the quality of the beer bottles, it is always necessary to set up a control.

Due to its energy-saving performance, the multifunction washer can also reduce your water consumption, which can indirectly contribute to your image as an environmentally friendly company. As well as providing sterilized bottles that can be reused as if they were brand new.

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It provides a solution if customers wish to return their bottles. Another service you can offer your customers. You will have clean, sparkling bottles that preserve the flavor of your product, to prevent contamination of your products.

A cleanser that does it all

The same machine can clean bottle, container, and keg sizes. The keg can be washed up to four at a time, depending on its size. The washing machine’s job is simply to ensure your bottles are thoroughly cleaned before they are filled or stored. This is especially helpful if your bottles are unusually shaped.

A cleanser that does it all Capacity to work rigorously

Keeping beer bottles clean for microbrewery production takes a great deal of effort. This bottle cleaner is easy to use and efficient, so you won’t have to struggle. In fact, it performs the same functions as much larger equipment while taking up much less space.

This machine is designed for all small to medium scale operations, and is made with high-density materials, and is very robust, which will give you a distinct advantage and increase the efficiency of your operations. The Aquatech BM cleaner and rinser will exceed your expectations.

Cleaner for growlers for beer bottles and kegs ranging from big to small bottles and containers
Precise microbrewery keg cleaning system for a flawless brewing experience

The best bottle washer for breweries

Microbreweries and the beer industry occupy a prominent position in the world of fermentation and sparkling flavors. Authenticity has always remained a hallmark of beer bottles over the years. Our industry relies heavily on the recovery of glass bottles, which is why Aquatech-BM has developed an exemplary product. Your beer bottles will be like new again once you use our bottle washer. 

The quality of your products and the reputation of your company are our top priorities. We understand how important it is to keep your customers happy, and that is why we made this product. Our bottle washer has been tested by our experts countless times, so you can clean and disinfect bottles without any difficulty.

The majority of beer comes in glass bottles, but there are many varieties of beer. Although the use of glass bottles for filling beer can seem problematic, in fact, beer bottles cannot be reused unless they have been thoroughly cleaned and there is no bacteria present.


Bottle Sanitizer and Washer for Breweries

In the world of fermentation and sparkling flavors, the beer industry and microbreweries occupy a prominent place. Evolving over time, beer bottles have always kept a stamp of authenticity for several years. The recovery of glass bottles is very important in our industry and this is why Aquatech-BM has devoted a lot of time to developing an exemplary product.

beer bottle sanitizer washer sterilizer
Beer bottles like new!

Our bottle washer will make your beer bottles like new. Our devotion is given to the quality of your products and your reputation. We too understand the importance of satisfying your customers and that is why we have created this product that will make your dreams come true. Do not be afraid of the cleanliness of your bottles anymore, our experts have blind confidence in our bottle washer since we have tested it many times.

There are many varieties of beer, but most of it comes in glass bottles. This heavy use of glass bottles to fill beer can seem problematic because, in fact, for a beer bottle to be reused it must be clean and there is no longer any presence of bacteria. We always recommend carrying out your own tests considering the different types of water.

It may seem difficult for breweries to make an already used glass bottle perfectly clean so it goes without saying that they would have to find equipment capable of washing these bottles quickly and efficiently.

Sanitize all kinds of beer bottles or containers regardless of their size

Aquatech-BM is a company that can respond to brewers who want to quickly wash their bottle or other containers. Our machines are bottle washers capable of washing all kinds of containers regardless of their size and all this quickly and efficiently (from 200 to 1000 bottles per hour). Our bottle washers for breweries will therefore be of great help to them in carrying out their mission of reusing the bottles and barrels already used.


Bottle types

Best beer bottle sanitizer

Our bottle sanitizer efficiently cleans the most popular bottle types currently in use by the microbrewers, including:

  • Growler
  • Demijohn
  • Blobtop
  • Stubby & Steinie
  • Boston Round
  • Keg and Pressure Container
  • Longneck
  • Belgian
  • Large Format
Stubby and Steinie Bottle
Pijpje Bottle
Forty Bottles
De Nederlandse Bierfles
keg washing machine

Keg washer machine and beer bottle sanitizer all in one!

Discover the ultimate convenience in brewery maintenance with our all-in-one Keg Washing Machine and Beer Bottle Sanitizer! Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, this innovative machine combines the essential tasks of keg cleaning and beer bottle sanitization into one seamless process.

You’ll love your beer bottle washer!

Crafted to meet the high standards of the brewing industry, it ensures that every keg and bottle is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, maintaining the quality and taste of your beer.

Hop to It, Brewers: Glass Awaits Its Sparkling Charm!

In the world of craft beer, discerning customers often show a strong preference for glass over cans. Glass, with its classic appeal and time-tested quality, offers a certain purity of taste that is highly valued by beer enthusiasts. Many argue that glass bottles preserve the original flavor of beer better, avoiding the metallic undertone sometimes imparted by cans.

Additionally, glass bottles have a certain aesthetic charm, offering a visual and tactile experience that cans simply can’t match.

beer bottle sterilizer washer and sanitizing machine