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Beer bottle washer and cleaner

Beer Bottle washer

Rinsing bottles before filling it is more and more important. On the other hand, the use of glass bottles will become more and more frequent, which will reduce the large amount waste. However, price are going up and reusing is becoming interestingly economic. Depending on your needs, we can offer you a machine adapted to your operations and bottles sizes. For example, caustic washing for microbreweries requires a different choice of stainless steel than washing with detergent. Our experts will be happy to guide you in choosing your machine. Furthermore, we are not advocating planned obsolescence. We are original manufacturers and our team of welders master the art of making quality welds.

  • Cleans 300 to 600 bottles an hour;
  • Low water consumption;
  • Strongly build and made to last;
  • Adapted to every popular source of electricity;
  • Possibility of washing with caustic;
  • Racks are made in stainless steel and coated;
  • Perfect for small to mid size operation;
  • Adjustable feet for leveling or coaster wheel.

We use a high quality stainless steel for thousands of duty cycles. In addition, Aquatech-BM beer bottle cleaner is adapted to multiples sizes and design.

From the smallest to the largest, our beer bottle washer will exceed all your expectations

Beer bottle cleaner for microbreweies

Contamination control

In the production of beer, it is important to eliminate all sources of contamination to avoid poisoning as well as tastes, flavors and odors that are not generally associated with it. It is always important to set up a control in order to verify the quality of the beer bottles.

The multifunction washer, with its energy-saving performance, provides savings in water consumption, which can indirectly play a major role in your ecological image. Not to mention that it can help provide reused bottles that are as sterile as they are new.

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All-in-one cleaner

You will be able to clean multiple sizes of bottles, containers and even kegs with the same machine. For the keg, depending on its size, you can wash up to four at a time. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.


Rigorous work

Cleaning the number of beer bottles needed in a microbrewery production is serious work. However, our efficient and easy-to-use bottle cleaner is up to the challenge. Built to last, it actually does the job of much larger equipment while saving space. Ideal for all small to medium scale operations, our machine is designed with high density materials and very robust which will give you a considerable advantage as well as an optimized design to increase your productivity. Bottle cleaning is now easier than ever.

Microbrewery keg cleaning machine

Bottle Washer for Breweries

In the world of fermentation and sparkling flavors, the beer industry and microbreweries occupy a prominent place. Evolving over time, beer bottles have always kept a stamp of authenticity for several years. The recovery of glass bottles is very important in our industry and this is why Aquatech-BM has devoted a lot of time to developing an exemplary product. Our bottle washer will make your beer bottles like new. Our devotion is given to the quality of your products and your reputation. We too understand the importance of satisfying your customers and that is why we have created this product that will make your dreams come true. Do not be afraid of the cleanliness of your bottles anymore, our experts have blind confidence in our bottle washer since we have tested it many times.

There are many varieties of beer, but most of it comes in glass bottles. This heavy use of glass bottles to fill beer can seem problematic because, in fact, for a beer bottle to be reused it must be clean and there is no longer any presence of bacteria.

It may seem difficult for breweries to make an already used glass bottle perfectly clean so it goes without saying that they would have to find equipment capable of washing these bottles quickly and efficiently. In addition to beer bottles, a solution should also be found to wash large containers like barrels that allow them to store a lot of beer before being filled into the bottles.

Aquatech-BM is a company that can respond to brewers who want to quickly wash their bottle or other containers. Our machines are bottle washers capable of washing all kinds of containers regardless of their size and all this quickly and efficiently (from 450 to 600 bottles per hour). Our bottle washers for breweries will therefore be of great help to them in carrying out their mission of reusing the bottles and barrels already used.

Container types

Our beer bottle washer efficiently cleans the most popular bottle types currently in use by brewers, including:

  • Growler
  • Demijohn
  • Blobtop
  • Boston Round
  • Keg and Pressure Container
  • Stubby & Steinie
  • Longneck
  • Belgian
  • Large Format

From the smallest bottle to the largest, Our washer will clean them all.

different sizes of glass bottles