Multi function washer


Machine Not Running

When I turn on my multi function bottle washer, the machine runs for a couple of seconds before suddenly stopping. There is no sign of a clog or blockage anywhere, the machine was running just fine up to that point, it happened very suddenly. It is a relatively new machine , why could this be happening?

In fact this is normal! It is call INITIAL START, the Initial water filling. see in your user guide page 8… ; Select the (HEATER) booster switch to ‘’OFF’’ or ”ON” to rinse with hot water heated to + – 200°F or ‘’OFF’’ position to use the hot water from YOUR water tank only, the inlet source; (suggested 150°F set from your hot-water tank).

The water is being heated up to 200°F during the soap wash and sanitize rinse THEN the hot water fills the water tub for final HOT rinse.

► Turn the main power switch ON. The start green light is going to flash 1sec ON and 1min OFF. This mean the unit is in standby mode and ready to operate. (Make sure the EMERGENCY is PULLED to ‘’ON’’ position)

► Press the SYSTEM START button to begin INITIAL START.

The first thing the washer does is filling the water booster and then when it is full, it will drain the excess of water from the washing tub. This is a safety to ensure that the heater element in the booster does not operate without water. The booster switch light is going to be ON if it was selected before. THE WASHER IS ON STANDBY MODE AND READY TO BEGIN WASHING.

Note: At any time if you press the EMERGENCY STOP and then PULL ON, the washer goes back to INITIAL START Press the START button to begin the selected cycle. The start green light will turn ON and remain ON until the end of the cycle.

During operation:
► If you lift (open) the hood, the bottle washer will pause BUT the cycle timer still run, if the wash/drain pump is ON it will pause and you will see the start light flashing equally (5sec ON and 5sec OFF). The washer will resume once the cover is closed. If you keep it open too long, you better restart the whole cycle.

Soap and chemicals

Which chemicals would we be required to purchase, and what is the approximate cost of those chemicals?

We don’t sell soap or sanitizer. We suggest you visit your favorite local restaurant and ask to meet with the commercial soap dispenser. It will likely be able to advise you on the most effective products for your specific needs.

Bottles to dry off

How long do bottles take to dry off?

Since the bottle are rinse with water heated up to 200 degree it dries within minutes, that is for glass bottle. Plastic bottle need an air dryer manifold, since plastic doesn’t retain heat for long.

Changing the manifold

Do you have any videos or pictures of someone changing the manifold, and how long would this take?

Changing the manifold (Water Diffuser) take about a minute, see video;

Basic vs Superwash

What is the difference between basic and Superwash? Is the basic quicker?

The Multi Function Washer is program with 3 cycle time. These cycle range from 4 to 5 minute to complete the cycle. If you are interested for a specific washing, sanitizing or ricing time we will custom the cycle for you.




Stage 1: FILLING OF FRESH WATER + SOAP (2.6 gal. (10 litres) water + hot water booster)



Stage 4: FILLING OF FRESH WATER + SANITIZER (2.6 gal. (10 litres) water)



Stage 7: FILLING OF FRESH WATER FROM PRE-HEATED BOOSTER (+ – 200°F / 93°C ) 2.6 gal. (10 litres) water

Stage 8: RINSING WITH PRE-HEATED WATER  (up to 200°F / 93°C)


NEMA Plug Configuration

For the 220V machines, what is the NEMA plug configuration?

We recommend a NEMA 14-30R 125/250V Outlet.

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