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Bottle sterilization machine

Overcoming Unique Challenges Across Industries

Every industry has its own way of cleaning bottles. Aquatech-BM helps many clients and has lots of experience treating bottles. This helps us create a standard process that saves our customers money. Some people rinse their bottles to protect them from detergent. Others need a deep clean to remove tough residue and stains.

Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

We are always improving our bottle washing machines because we value innovation. We improve our services to meet our customers’ changing needs. This includes hotels and producers in various sectors like juice, kombucha, olive oil, and spirits.

Our machine’s versatility extends to sanitizing all types of materials, ensuring cleanliness and safety. Equipped with the right soap and sanitizer through peristaltic pumps, our bottle washer stands as a universal solution for any industry’s cleaning requirements.

Discover how our tailored approach can benefit your specific production needs.

Not just a dishwasher  –  Automatic bottle cleaner specifically designed for cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing bottles.

We work with a variety of industries such as:

Standard and Custom-built
Bottle sterilization machine

The Aquatech BM machine is very versatile. Many industries like dairy farms, wineries, and microbreweries can use it. It is also great for labs that make medicine, companies that make juice, and hotels. Water distributors can also use it.

This machine is great at cleaning and sterilizing bottles and containers. It makes sure they are very clean and safe to use. This machine is important for keeping things clean and efficient in many industries. It’s a valuable asset for any operation that wants quality and purity.

bottle sterilizing machine

Custom-Built Washers for Optimal Performance

If you need to clean bottles, barrels, boilers, carboys, vessels, pots, or any other container. We design our machines to deliver exceptional results. Our engineers make custom washers for containers of all shapes and sizes. They are experts at it. We can create a washer that fits your needs .

Our washers have different cycles and dosages for your specific cleaning needs. They perform well. We can change how hard our machines clean to match different uses. Our team can assist you in determining the optimal cycle and dosage to clean your containers.

User Friendly solutions

Ease of operation is also a key feature of our washers. We design our machines with user-friendly interfaces. We also create intuitive controls, making them easy to operate for your staff. This ensures a seamless cleaning process and saves valuable time and effort.

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Bottle sterilization testing

We can also arrange to send your bottles to a laboratory for sterilization level testing. We always recommend conducting these tests before proceeding with the bottling process.

Before shipping each machine is tested to ensure proper operation upon receipt and installation. In addition, we have the different electric sources to be able to test precisely. With decent maintenance our machine can work for more than 14 years.

Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

Every bottle washer is rigorously tested at our factory to make sure to deliver the highest quality product. Each bottle washer incorporates exchangeable baskets that are designed to be easily switched to accommodate a variety of bottle and container sizes.

From the smallest bottle to the largest, Our washer will clean them all.