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Aquatech-BM plays an important role in the growth of several clients. With years of experience in finding solutions for our customers, we have treated a very large number of bottles. This allows us to standardize so that our customers can save. Currently, some users simply rinse their bottles to prevent damage from detergents. Others need a deep cleaning to remove stubborn residue. We design custom-made bottle washers, insurmountable challenges are rare. We cater to demanding clients, such as hotels, producers of juice, kombucha, olive oil, strong alcohol, etc.

Not just a dishwasher  –  Automatic bottle cleaner specifically designed for cleaning and sterilizing bottles

Here are some different industries that we work with:


We can custom-build a washer for any shape or size container to meet your specific needs. In other words, it is possible to adapt the machine and create a basket suitable for almost any shape of bottle. If you have any doubts, ask us and we will be able to give you a precise answer.

Optimal Performance

Whether you need a washing machine for bottles, barrels, boilers, carboys, vessels, pots or other containers, our easy to operate washers are built for optimal performance. Where required, our engineering group can custom-build a bottle cleaner for any shape or size container to meet your specific needs. With the different cycles and dosage we are able to play a lot with the performance and the results.

Rigorously Tested

Before shipping each machine is tested to ensure proper operation upon receipt and installation. In addition, we have the different electric sources to be able to test precisely. With decent maintenance our machine can work for more than 14 years. Every bottle washer is rigorously tested at our factory to make sure to deliver the highest quality product. Each bottle washer incorporates exchangeable baskets that are designed to be easily switched to accommodate a variety of bottle and container sizes.

From the smallest bottle to the largest, Our washer will clean them all.

different sizes of glass bottles