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Each industry has its particularity in terms of rinsing, sanitizing, and sterilizing bottles.  Aquatech-BM plays an important role in the growth of several clients. With years of experience in finding solutions for our customers, we have treated a very large number of bottles. This allows us to standardize so that our customers can save. Currently, some users simply rinse their bottles to prevent damage from detergents. Others need a thorough cleaning to remove stubborn residue and stains.

We design custom and standard bottle washers. Insurmountable challenges are rare. This allows us to apply our progress to new versions. We adapt the functions according to customer requests. For example, hotels, producers of juice, kombucha, olive oil, spirits, etc.

Not just a dishwasher  –  Automatic bottle cleaner specifically designed for cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing bottles.

Here are some different industries that we work with:


At Aquatech-BM, we understand that bottle cleaning requirements can vary significantly for each business. That’s why we provide custom-built solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether your bottles come in different shapes, sizes, or materials, we can design a washer that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Our team of experts excels in adapting our machines to accommodate various bottle shapes. Through our custom-built approach, we can create a basket that precisely fits the shape of your bottles, ensuring thorough cleaning and maximizing operational efficiency.

We also acknowledge that optimizing your bottle washing process may involve additional equipment or specific features. Our engineering team is prepared to collaborate with you to design and integrate any necessary units or enhancements. Whether it involves incorporating an extra rinsing system, specialized spraying nozzles, or other customized features, we will tailor the machine to perfectly align with your unique needs.

Custom-Built Washers for Optimal Performance

Whether you need a washer for bottles, barrels, boilers, carboys, vessels, pots, or any other type of container, our machines are designed to deliver exceptional results. Our engineering group is skilled in creating tailored solutions for various shapes and sizes of containers, providing you with a washer that perfectly suits your requirements.

When it comes to performance, our washers offer a range of cycles and dosages to meet your specific cleaning needs. We understand that different applications may require different cleaning intensities, and our machines allow for flexibility in achieving the desired results. Our team can work with you to determine the optimal cycle and dosage settings to ensure the best cleaning performance for your containers.

Ease of operation is also a key feature of our washers. We design our machines with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, making them easy to operate for your staff. This ensures a seamless cleaning process and saves valuable time and effort.

Rigorously Tested

Before shipping each machine is tested to ensure proper operation upon receipt and installation. In addition, we have the different electric sources to be able to test precisely. With decent maintenance our machine can work for more than 14 years.

Every bottle washer is rigorously tested at our factory to make sure to deliver the highest quality product. Each bottle washer incorporates exchangeable baskets that are designed to be easily switched to accommodate a variety of bottle and container sizes.

From the smallest bottle to the largest, Our washer will clean them all.