Use the bottle washer to clean your bottles and glasses while respecting the environment

Food industry all types of containers. Bottle cleaner

Commercial glass bottle Washing machine

Our bottle washer will provide a clean and sterilized container that will help your food retain its flavor and aroma.

Recycled Glass and plastic bottles

All glass containers, whether new or reused, should be washed before use. Our bottle cleaner can provide intense cleaning to returnable bottles while using less energy and less water. No matter the size of your operation, the All-in-One Washer will handle the load by doing the work of a larger machine while being compact enough for smaller installation locations.

Food industry Bottle Washing
Glass consumables bottle washer

Consumables Under Glass or Plastic

Those in the food industry know that packaging with cardboard and paper does not present food at its best. Glass is superior; it does not interact with packaging or products. Our efficient, affordable Multi Function Washer will remove any potential contamination before the food product is sealed in its glass container.

Three generations of experience

You can trust the process of our machine to perform efficient and simplified cleaning. The food industry must trust sterilization professionals. Our production capacity exceeds that of our competitors and our machine can wash all
types of bottles in an accelerated time.

Sterilizing your food bottles

Reused bottles need more intensive washing than new ones. Our efficient, easy-to-operate bottle washer will remove any residue inside or contaminants on the outside of the bottles removing any harmful bacteria, providing you with a sterile container for your product.

Wash & sterilize jars of any size!

Sterilizing might sound like expensive work, but our affordable bottle washer is a cost-effective solution. Our bottle cleaner is compact and built to last. Taking up less space while doing the job of a bigger machine means you can increase you cleaning capabilities without increasing your floor space costs.

Glass bottles for food
bottle washing station for food containers

The perfect solution

Aquatech-BM has a proven track record in the industry. The dairy farms were the first to put their trust in us and to show themselves satisfied with the excellent results. Today, we find Aquatech-BM in all sectors that require efficient bottle washing. Aquatech-BM has carved out a place for itself in recent years by working with its clients to provide them with the best results.

Our mission is to pass on our passion and to give customers the possibility of having clean bottles at all times. Reducing the use of water and electricity has long been an issue for our customers. Thanks to exchanges with our customers and with our technological developments, we have succeeded in creating unique new products that are able to satisfy everyone’s needs. By prioritizing new products, we have never advocated planned obsolescence, unlike the global tendency to throw away after use.

Cleaning baskets for lids, utensils and production tools

We manufacture 304 and 316L stainless steel baskets. This means that they are resistant to corrosion and are very difficult to degrade. This choice of material is essential in the use of liquid. We still have a function to reduce the water level to avoid overconsumption. Our two 304 and 316 L stainless steels use nickel to maintain an austenitic composition at low temperatures. Austenitic steels provide a diverse balance of workability and corrosion resistance, which is ideal for some devices like our bottle washer, bottle dryer as well as the multi-function industrial washer.


Bottle types

Our wine bottle washer efficiently cleans the most popular types of bottles currently used, including: 

Glass Containers: Ideal for reheating food as they are microwave-safe and don’t hold odors or stains. They are often used for storing leftovers, sauces, and jams.

Plastic Containers: Widely used for their lightweight and durable nature. They are great for packing lunches and storing dry goods. However, it’s important to check if they are BPA-free and microwave-safe.

Stainless Steel Containers: Durable and resistant to corrosion and stains. They are often used in professional kitchens for storing and preparing food.

Ceramic Containers: Often used for baking and serving, ceramic containers can be beautiful as well as functional. They are microwave and oven-safe, but can be fragile.

Silicone Containers: Flexible and collapsible, silicone containers are great for saving space. They are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Aluminum Containers: Commonly used for takeout food, these are lightweight and good for transporting food. However, they are not typically used for long-term storage due to possible chemical leaching.


The optimal option

Consumers see what they get with glass and trust the quality of the product they buy. Easy to use and built to last, the Multifunction Bottle Washer will ensure you always have see-through bottles that reflect the best of your product.

With no water spots or residue, your glass bottles will come out of your bottle washer like new. By using less water and with a higher flow rate, we succeed in removing residues and dirt from your bottles. You can trust Aquatech-BM to make your life easier.

Glass bottle washing solution

Foods sold in glass containers

People in the food industry know that cardboard and paper packaging doesn’t make food look its best. Glass is a superior solution, which does not compromise the packaging or the products. The Aquatech-BM multifunction bottle washer is affordable. It removes all potential contaminants before sealing the containers. The multi-function bottle washer allows the use of clean, sterilized containers that help preserve the flavor and appearance of food.

Stainless Steel Bottle Washer

Cleaning to recover bottles will have an important place in the world of tomorrow. The use of glass bottles in industry will be more and more frequent in order to reduce the high consumption of plastic which has a negative effect on the environment and health. We find stainless steel in a multitude of food and pharmaceutical applications. Our bottle washer is entirely made of stainless steel.

Cleaning baskets for lids, utensils and production tools

All glass containers, new or reused, should be cleaned and sterilized before use. Our multi-function bottle washer can provide intense cleaning, while consuming less energy and less water. No matter the size of your business, the Multifunction Bottle Washer will do the work. As efficient as a larger device, it is compact enough not to overload a small installation.


Glass containers washing machine

We take great care to avoid contact with steel to avoid contamination. Depending on your needs, we will be able to suggest a machine adapted to your operations. For example, bottle rinsing does not require the same type of stainless steel as microbreweries that clean with caustic. Our experts will be able to guide you in your choice of machine. In addition, we do not advocate planned obsolescence. Our welding team masters the art of making quality welds. We use some of the best stainless steel in the world, it is more than important not to use any recycled material.

glass bottle and container washing machine

Excellent solutions for Juice producers

The Aquatech-BM bottle washing machine stands out for its ability to handle a wide variety of bottle sizes and shapes, making it a versatile solution for juice producers who use different types of containers.

With its advanced washing and sanitizing capabilities, it ensures that each bottle is thoroughly cleaned, removing all residues and contaminants, and preparing them for safe reuse.