Demiard Bottle

The demiard is a bottle coming from Europe more precisely in France of pre-revolutionary time. This traditional volume unit has survived the years into the 21st century. The demiard persisted in France and in the world despite the arrival of the metric system and it has reached Quebec. In France, the demiard corresponds to the 12 inches of the king. This unit of length dating from the Middle Ages has varied with eras, regions and countries. Today we still continue to order a ‘half’ in the designation of half a beer in bistros in France.


The half-pint is recognized as being half a pint or a quarter pint. These measures have enabled technological advancement in the world of science. In Quebec, pint, pint and demiard bottles were recognized as bottles of milk for several years.

The shape of the bottle allows for a good quantity with a large neck. This neck, reinforced by a very thick glass contour, provides better resistance to breakage. This bottle can be cleaned in our multifunction bottle washer without any problem since it is easily reused.