Commercial Keg Washer

Introducing the kegs, the ultimate solution for storing and dispensing your favorite beverages while promoting sustainability. Crafted with precision, our kegs offer a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to single-use containers.

With precision engineering and advanced technology, this machine ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process for your kegs. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to automated excellence. Our keg washing machine is equipped with multiple high-pressure jets, delivering powerful and targeted cleaning to eliminate any residue or contaminants. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy customization and control, ensuring optimal cleaning cycles tailored to your specific needs. Experience the ultimate convenience and productivity boost with our keg washing machine, setting new standards in the brewing industry.

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For all sizes of kegs

Sizes and Types: Choose from a variety of keg sizes to meet your specific needs. We offer 5-gallon (640 oz or 18.9 liters), 15.5-gallon (1,984 oz or 58.7 liters), and 30-gallon (3,840 oz or 113.6 liters) kegs. Whether you prefer standard stainless steel kegs or specialized options such as slim kegs or cask kegs, we have the perfect solution for your brewing or beverage dispensing requirements.

History of Kegs: Kegs have a long and storied history in the beverage industry. Originating from wooden barrels used for storing and transporting various drinks, kegs evolved into metal containers in the 20th century. Stainless steel and aluminum became the predominant materials for keg production, revolutionizing the way beverages are stored, transported, and served.

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Reusability with Aquatech-BM: Aquatech BM offers cutting-edge keg washing systems that enable breweries and beverage companies to efficiently clean and sanitize kegs for reuse. Our advanced technology ensures thorough cleaning, eliminating any traces of the previous beverage and maintaining the integrity of your product. By investing in our keg washing solutions, you can embrace a circular economy model, significantly reducing packaging waste and environmental impact.

Adapted to you types of Kegs

Sizes in Ounces and Milliliters: Our kegs come in various sizes to accommodate your beverage volume requirements. The 5-gallon keg equates to approximately 640 fluid ounces (18,927 milliliters), providing ample supply for smaller-scale operations. For larger events or establishments, the 15.5-gallon and 30-gallon kegs offer capacities of approximately 1,984 ounces (58,674 milliliters) and 3,840 ounces (113,562 milliliters) respectively.


Embrace the Tradition: By choosing our kegs and utilizing Aquatech BM advanced washing solutions, you not only tap into the rich history of kegs but also actively contribute to a more sustainable future. Join us in reducing waste, preserving the quality of your beverages, and fostering a greener beverage industry.


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