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Client Input

Our latest product is the result of extensive meetings with our clients. In these discussions we determined the two most common client needs are space and budget. After collecting and analyzing their suggestions, we designed the most unique, efficient and versatile bottle washer and sterilizer on the market today. We call it, the “Multi-Function Washer”.

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Complete Solution

In development since 2010, this new model replaces two of our earlier products. In effect, the Multi-Function Washer rolls the functionality of its predecessors into one single unit. As a result this new bottle cleaner is easy to operate and performs at the level of larger machines while consuming less water and less energy. The new bottle washer offers a broad range of adapted diffusers and baskets for every shape and bottle size that can be found on the market.

We Strive

Meeting Client Needs

True to our original design principle of addressing the primary needs of our clients. This bottle washing machine is compact, affordable and energy efficient. In this way, we have created a bottle washer that addresses our clients’ space and budget. We went even further and created a counter-top machine that is built to last, and extremely versatile. Also, with a selection of 12 interchangeable manifolds (water diffusers) and 12 baskets, the Multi-Function Washer can wash any combination of bottles available today.


We Are

Up to the Challenge

If you are planning to wash bottles, barrels, tanks, or containers, our bottle washing machine can do the job. Need a bottle washer for a non-standard job? Our engineering team will design a custom-built cleaning machine to optimally meet your needs.

Every machine we build is rigorously tested for optimal performance and incorporates changeable baskets that are designed to fit a variety of bottle or container sizes including:

Bridge-spouted vessels
Pitchers (containers)
Siphon seltzer bottles

Sigg bottles
Canteens (bottles)
Metal bottles
Double spout and bridge vessels
Bologna bottles
Sipper water bottles

Multi-Function Washer

The Features You Need

If you are interested in dramatically accelerating your bottle washing process, integrate our fully automated Multi-Function Washer into your operation.


  • Built by a leader in the field of commercial Bottle & Growlers washers
  • • Capable of washing 450 to 600+ bottles/hour (based on available water supply and bottle size)
  • • Machines built to industrial standards
  • • Machines built to last (for thousands of duty cycles)
  • • User-friendly automated control panel
  • • Low water consumption
  • • 2 gal. 5 kw insulated hot water booster for 190°F+ rinse
  • • Choice of 3 pre-programmed wash cycles
  • • Integrated low maintenance peristaltic feed pump
  • • Quick cleaning integrated waste filter
  • • Solid 16 gauge stainless steel construction
  • • Plastic-coated racks made with durable stainless steel
  • • Large 22″ unobstructed chamber opening
  • • Adjustable levelling feet
Load Capacity

• 30 bottle/cycle load capacity for 750 ml and 1 liter standard bottles
• 16 to 25 bottle/cycle rack load capacity for 1.5 liter standard bottles
• Rack adapter accommodates 30-200 to 500 ml bottles
• 16-64 oz. Growlers simultaneously
• 4 Carboys simultaneously
• Custom-built on demand


Hot Water supply: ½” I.D. flexible hose with ¾” garden hose connection. We recommend a 60 gallon hot water tank, set up at 140° with minimum flow pressure 50-60 psi.


• 1 inch I.D. flexible drain hose
NOTE: Older washers with a small motor assembly must use a 5/8″ I.D. drain hose.

Electrical Requirements

• 208-240 V, 60 Hz–30 amps (model MFW300-U–2 kWh power consumption)
• 220-250 V, 50 Hz–30 amps (model MFW300-E–2 kWh power consumption)
• CSA Approved


• 26″ Wide x 32″ Deep x 62″ High (84″ open unit), Weight 185 lbs.


Exchangeable Baskets

Large variety of bottle types supported

Growler Bottle Washer
wine bottle washer Aquatech-bm

From the smallest bottle to the largest, our bottle washer will clean them all

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