Commercial Bottle Washers and Cleaners that fit your Requirements

We have a diversified product line that comprises a Multi-function bottle washer,  industrial container washer, and dryer.

Our Multi-Function Washer has contributed to the success of a variety of client types.

Just tell us what your requirements are, our experts help you choose the right washer that eliminates your cleaning headaches.


Multi-Function Bottle washer

  • Programmable cycles (using the digital screen).
  • Made to clean, rinse wash sanitize small to mediums bottles.
  • Simple and user-friendly control.
  • Hot water booster tank, easy to hook up to your hot water supply.
  • The result of 14 years of improvement.
  • Inspection According to standards (CSA), (CE).
  • Custom made manifolds / racks, to maximize the number of washes possible. 100 to 1200 bottles/hr.
  • 1 or 3 phases.
  • Water level selector, cuts water consumption in half! Ideal for quick rinsing of new bottles.
  • Cleaning temperature: you can choose a high degree or just a normal temperature depending on your needs.

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bottle washer machine with glass pint for dairy farmers

Industrial Container Washer

  • Made for large containers and barrels
  • Capability of various size from 1 gallon / 3.785 liters to 55 gallons 200 liters containers
  • Digital HMI interface, allows you to program cycle times and quantity of cleaning products
  • Upper or lower wash arm / Special Inspection According to standards
  • Customizable according to your specific needs. You may need extra equipment or additional features if this is the case, they will design a unit just for you.
  • 1 or 3 phases (US/EU)
  • Easy to hook up to your hot water supply
  • Depending on the wash cycle chosen and your hot water supply and the size of your containers, this ” Washer ” allows you to wash a large number per hour

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industrial device in stainless made to cleanPlastic Pail 5 Gallon White

The Multi-Function bottle Dryer 

  • Dries glass, plastic, aluminum and much more.
  • The Multi-Function Dryer was manufactured to speed up your drying process considerably.
  • The dryer comes with interchangeable baskets corresponding to the diameter of your containers. 
  • Adjustable drying time from 01 sec. to 1 hour. 
  • Adjustable temperature controller to 60 degrees Celsius / 140 Fahrenheit.
  • Can be tailor-made to adapt to your specific needs.
  • Worldwide shipping, plane, boat, truckload.
  • The Aquatech-BM Bottle And Container Rinser ensures your product is safe to consume by killing any harmful bacteria left on the bottles after they are washed with soap and water.
  • Mechanical and digital controls.

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Container bottle drying machine

Our bottle washers

Are up to the challenge

If you are planning to wash and rinse bottles, barrels, tanks, or containers, our washing solutions machine can do the job. Need a bottle washer for a non-standard job? Our engineering team will design a custom-built cleaning machine to optimally meet your needs.

Every machine we build is rigorously tested for optimal performance and incorporates changeable baskets that are designed to fit a variety of bottle or container sizes including:

  • Amphora
  • Bridge
  • spouted vessels
  • Hydria
  • Jars
  • Jugs
  • Porron
  • Pitchers (containers)
  • Siphon seltzer bottles
  • Sigg bottles
  • Canteens (bottles)
  • Metal bottles
  • Double spout and bridge vessels
  • Bologna bottles
  • Jerrycans
  • Lacrymatories
  • Sipper water bottles

How Does a Bottle Washer Save Money?

One of the major commercial reasons many industries are opting to wash and reuse their bottles is the cost saving. 

First, of course, there’s the cost of the bottles themselves, which is virtually eliminated by reusing them. Pretty simple to turn a reused bottle into one that’s good as new and ready for the shelf with the Multi-Function Washer.

However, a bottle cleaner is also a labor saver. By using a smart, automated bottle washer, you can clean many container at the same time, with minimal labor required. This cuts down on the costs to clean your bottles for reuse, which again affects your bottom line. 

A Better Alternative For Rinsing and Washing Bottles

There are many different ways that you can rinse bottles before filling them up again, but not all of these methods will be practical. One option is to use a bucket and manually scrub the bottle with a brush before rinsing it in another container. This option is fine for smaller quantities, but it can be very time-consuming if you have many bottles to rinse.

Additionally, if you have ever tried to wash out bottles by hand, then you will know how difficult it can be. Often the inside of the bottle has ridges or grooves where dirt and germs love to hide, making them very difficult to clean. 

Neck of the bottles getting rince in the cleaner bottles machine

Moreover, one of the best options on the market today is a bottle rinser and sanitizer that will clean your containers with an integrated water jet system. These machines are often placed next to conveyor belts that are moving bottles into filling stations, so you don’t have to spend valuable time scrubbing each bottle.

Portable bottle rinser and sanitizer

For hospitality businesses, a bottle rinser can simply be placed in kitchens or areas where bottles are regularly processed. Our bottle washing machine can clean it effectively and effortless

Speed up your bottle washing dramatically by adding one of our new ¨Multi-Function Washer¨ automatic bottle washer to your operations.


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Multi-function washer the features you need

This stainless steel bottle washing machine can be customized to fit any type of bottle or container. Also, our engineering team will design a custom-built design that will increase your productivity and save you money.

30 bottles, load capacity for 25.4 oz. (750 ml) and (33.8 oz.) 1 liter, 3¼’’ ext, diameter 25 bottles, load capacity for 4’’ inches (10,2 cm) ext. diameter or less. 16 bottles load capacity 1.5 liter (50.72 oz.) or Growlers 5 inches (127 mm) ext. diameter 4 Carboys simultaneously from 18 to 26 litres (4.76 to 6.87 gal) Custombuilt for any size and format on demand.

Our machines are designed for easy installation and connectivity. They can be connected to a ½ inch (1.3 cm) flexible rigid pipe or a rubber garden hose with a ¾’’ (19.05 mm) connector. For optimal performance, we recommend using a Heating Water Tank with a capacity of 60-gallon (227.12 L), set up at 140°F / 60 °C, and a flow pressure of 50-60psi.

To ensure efficient drainage, our machines come with a 1’’ inch (2.54 cm) interior diameter flexible drain hose or a rigid pipe. This allows for smooth and effective disposal of wastewater during the cleaning process. With these recommended specifications, you can achieve optimal performance and maximize the efficiency of your bottle washing operations.

Canada & USA ; 110-220 V, 60 Hz–30amp.

Europe, Asia, Australia; 230-250 V, 50 Hz–30 amps 5 KW*hr power consumption. (CSA) – (UL) and (CE).

We understand the importance of versatility and adaptability when it comes to power sources. Therefore, we have designed our machines to be compatible with various power requirements. Whether you are operating in an area with different voltage standards or utilizing alternative power sources, our equipment can be easily adapted to meet your specific needs. Additionally, our team is experienced in working with different power configurations, ensuring a seamless integration of our machines into your operations. With our adaptable solutions, you can be confident that your bottle washing processes will be efficient and effective, regardless of the power source in use.


Width: 26 inches (66 cm); Depth: 32 inches (81 cm); Height: 62 inch (157.5 cm) Open unit; 84 inches (213.5 cm), Weight 185 pounds (83.9 Kg.)

With the high or low water level switch, our machines offer the flexibility to adjust water consumption based on your needs. This innovative feature allows you to cut water usage by half, making it ideal for quick rinses of new bottles or for conserving water during the cleaning process.

In addition, it provides an efficient and sustainable solution for bottle washing. By integrating this feature into our machines, we ensure that you can achieve optimal results while minimizing water waste.

Our machines are designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. Equipped with a strong 1hp, 1.5hp, or 2hp industrial motor pump, they deliver powerful cleaning performance. In addition, a peristaltic soap and sanitizer pump ensures accurate dosing of cleaning agents. The quick cleaning integrated waste filter prevents debris from clogging the system, allowing for uninterrupted operation.

Constructed with solid 16-gauge stainless steel, specifically grade 304 Inox, our machines are built to last. The bottle tray is made of durable stainless steel and plastic (Canplast) coating, providing a reliable surface for holding bottles during cleaning.

With a large 22” (56 cm) unobstructed access opening and adjustable leveling feet, our machines offer easy loading and stability on different surfaces.

Experience the exceptional performance and durability of our machines.

Exchangeable baskets and a large
Variety of bottle types supported

From the smallest bottle to the largest,

Our Bottle washer will clean them all!

container rinsing and cleaning machine