Plastic Container Washing Machine for Restaurant

When it comes to restaurant, plastic container are hard to wash and take a lot of time. With our Plastic Container Washing Machine restaurants will have time to focus on their clients. No one really agrees on what is most important between the content and the container. At the commercial level, we are interested in the appearance of our merchandise; we want to catch the eye of a potential buyer. When selling food products, attention is paid to taste; we want to mark the customer’s mind. In the beverage industry, and more specifically in the alcohol industry, health is taken seriously; producers know that the container could affect the content. A wine or beer producer insists that his bottle be disinfected and sterile during filling because the quality of his product is at stake. On the other hand, a large number of bottles are used per day and it becomes impossible to clean them all quickly and impeccably by hand. Employing someone to take on this task would be an unnecessary expense. Researchers confirm that washing dishes by hand is unhealthy given the high number of bacteria found in dishcloths, towels and sponges. Plus, a machine can clean your containers at temperatures a human couldn’t stand, making it much more efficient at killing bacteria. Additionally, since a dishwasher or bottle washer uses almost 9 times less water than washing by hand, it is much more environmentally friendly to leave this work to a machine. For this reason, Aquatech-BM offers the ideal bottle cleaning equipment for restaurants. In addition to guaranteeing you an impeccable environment in which to pour your products, our technology also allows you to do your part for the planet thanks to its energy-efficient performance and reduced water consumption. Having a bottle washer is essential in the beverage industry to save time and cuvées. Trust the professional equipment from Aquatech-BM to help you with the task.
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If you plan to clean bottles, barrels, tanks or containers, our bottle washer is the optimal solution for you. Do you need a custom bottle washer? The team of experts will be happy to design a cleaning device adapted to your needs.