Success stories of the circular economy in the hospitality industry

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Why hotels are reusing bottles?

  • Longterm Financial savings
  • Safeguard the environment
  • Cultivate a responsible corporate image with clients
  • Ensure compliance with regulations

In the past decades, talks have been about taking an ecological approach to businesses in different sectors and industries. However, recently, the focus has shifted to the value of the circular economy. It’s a market approach based on the make-use-recycle premise, which has resulted in less waste and pollution, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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By embracing the principles of the circular economy, the global hospitality industry has shifted to sustainable practices to reduce its environmental footprint. Several hotels have implemented initiatives and innovations that contribute to their financial success and benefit the environment.

This article mainly focuses on showcasing the benefits of adopting the circular economy strategy in hotels while focusing on the success stories of hotels that have implemented water bottle reuse programs and other sustainable initiatives.

Waste Management And Recycling Bottles

Sustainable waste management and recycling are crucial components of the circular economy. Several hotels worldwide have implemented comprehensive waste management systems to help minimize waste generation and buildup by maximizing recycling rates. For instance, the Hotel Terra, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, is a LEED-certified business prioritizing environmental sustainability. Their primary focus is sustainable and comprehensive waste management systems, including recycling bins in common areas and guest rooms and separate bins for mixed waste. Educating the staff and guests on proper waste disposal practices is also a crucial way to contribute to the success of achieving waste management in most hotels.

Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy

Hotels have a significant energy consumption rate because of the services and high-standard products they deliver to their customers to ensure a comfortable and beautiful environment. For instance, some have 24-hour lighted public areas, a continuous supply of freshly laundered linen, and hot, fresh meals. The circular economy allows for a continuous flow of renewable energy.

For instance, the Hotel Schgaguler (Italy) has incorporated renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies, besides waste management. They are using LED lighting and smart thermostats. Their commitment to a circular economy has earned them recognition as one of the most sustainable hotels in Europe.

Repurposing Waste

The linear economy in the hospitality industry has led to a significant waste of food and beverages. Most of the time, culinary creations require the best quality beverages and food. However, cost control is usually less efficient. Hotels have shifted to composting biodegradable waste through the circular economy while taking on more efficient and updated procedures. For instance, most hotels have taken on sustainable initiatives like water bottle reuse to avoid landfills

 Aquatech-BM, a leading water bottle washer and industrial sterilization device manufacturer, has helped make this process easier and more achievable. Their water bottle washing machines can help hotels reuse their bottles, thus minimizing waste and saving costs. The water bottle washer uses hot water at high pressure to wash, sanitize, and rinse the inside of the bottles. This is to get rid of all the dirt residue in the bottle.

Meeting Consumer Demand

Committing to sustainable initiatives is a brilliant marketing approach that will set an establishment apart from its competitors. This is more crucial now that many guests are aware of the need to eliminate waste and switch from consuming more to consuming sustainably. The circular economy positively impacts the environment and improves guest satisfaction and loyalty. For instance, water bottle reuse, which is sustainable due to the availability of electric bottle cleaners, supports the continued use of the same bottles while maintaining a clean and sterilized bottle supply.

Water Bottle Reuse Programs

The linear economy has always left a trail of waste over the years, especially in water bottle use. However, with the adoption of the circular economy, more and more hotels are installing on-site water bottle cleaners to clean and treat used bottles for guests. This is especially possible with glass bottles. Some have also installed water refill points in different hotel locations for guests to refill their bottles instead of picking one up each time they want water. Here are some hotels leading the way in promoting a circular economy through water bottle reuse;

1 Hotels

This is a luxury hotel brand committed to sustainability. They have a comprehensive water bottle reuse program across their branches. Each room has reusable glass bottles, and guests can get clean, filtered drinking water throughout the hotel. This process has succeeded because of the glass bottle cleaner, which leaves the bottles clean each time, ready for each guest’s use. The system encourages guests to refill their bottles instead of using single-use plastic ones, reducing plastic waste.

Hilton Hotels And Resorts

The Hilton is a globally recognized hotel that has been active in its goal to implement sustainable initiatives. Most of their hotels have water bottle reuse programs to curb plastic bottle waste. For insurance, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek and Waldorf Astoria Orlando give their guests reusable bottles with water refilling stations installed throughout the properties. This initiative has only succeeded because of the availability of bottle cleaners and commercial machines from Aquatech-BM. This has helped reduce plastic waste and improve guests’ experiences by providing convenient drinking water access. Plus, glass bottles are appealing; they elevate the guests’ experience and give the hotel a luxurious look.

Marriott International

This is one of the world’s largest hotel chains, which has invested significantly in achieving sustainability through the circular economy. They have a water bottle reuse program under the ‘Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction” initiative. The hotel has installed the best bottle cleaners and water refill stations throughout the premises. This initiative ensures all bottles are cleaned after each guest’s use and that guests can access clean, filtered drinking water throughout the hotels.

The success stories and the hotels that have embraced water bottle reuse illustrate the tangible benefits of embracing the circular economy strategy in hotels. While the initial transition costs are steep, the resulting benefits are far more rewarding and cost-saving. For any hotel looking to start their water bottle reuse program, you need to have a reliable bottle-washing process in place. You can get the multifunction bottle cleaner machine. This is designed for commercial and industrial use, and it washes and sterilizes in one device.