Media Bottles

Media bottles are mostly used in controlled laboratory spaces. Indeed, these bottles can be used for liquid storage, mixing and sampling. In a very sterilized environment, the media bottles are practical with their autoclavable one-piece polypropylene protective cap, without liner, with drip-free pouring rings. They allow for careful work to be done without damage. The glass bead is used to indicate the full capacity line on all bottle sizes ranging from 100ml to 2 liters. These bottles are of essential reliability and great resistance. The extent of the permanent graduations in white enamel make precise use possible. The marking marks confirm the exact amount of liquid present in the media bottles. Several glass options are available to retailers, clear glass, treated glass and low actinic medium (red colored) bottles for light sensitive applications.

Washing these laboratory bottles is very important. The traces of chemical substance residue must not be found inside after washing. The multifunction bottle washers from Aquatech-BM make complete sterilization of media bottles possible. The precision of bottle washers helps completely clean any interior surface of any bottle size.
The caps are washed separately from the rest of the bottle. This allows to have a wash approved by the highest standards of cleanliness.