Bottle Washing Function of Dishwashers

It is undeniable that washing and fully sterilizing glass bottles are of paramount importance to ensure the safety of the liquid products they contain. However, accomplishing this task effectively and ecologically can be complex when bottles are washed by hand. Studies confirm that manual washing does not achieve the same level of efficiency as the use of specialized machines.

Firstly, conventional dishwashers use water at high temperatures, well beyond what human hands can tolerate. This intense heat is essential for effectively eliminating bacteria present on the bottles. Secondly, hand washing requires the use of cloths and sponges that must be washed and disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of dirt from one wash to another. This manual cleaning process is not only tedious but also less ecological, as it consumes more water and energy. Indeed, the use of a dishwasher allows for 2.5 times less energy and 3.5 times less water consumption than hand washing, according to the Eurotab website.

Therefore, it is crucial to invest in professional equipment capable of eliminating all bacteria present on the bottles while offering a more ecological solution than manual washing.

At Aquatech-BM, we offer bottle washers specially designed to meet these needs. Our machines can perform a complete and thorough washing of all types of glass bottles, ensuring optimal sterilization. With a washing capacity ranging from 450 to 600 bottles per hour, depending on the bottle diameter, our bottle washers enable quick and efficient cleaning without compromising the quality and safety of products.

By opting for our technology, you benefit from professional equipment that meets the highest standards of hygiene. Furthermore, our bottle washers are designed with reduced water consumption and eco-energy efficiency, contributing to reducing the environmental impact of your production activity.

It is essential, especially during large-scale production, to ensure the hygiene of your bottles to preserve the quality of your liquid products. Therefore, the Aquatech-BM bottle washer proves to be an indispensable tool for winemakers, brewers, farmers, and all producers who use glass bottles daily. By investing in our cutting-edge equipment, you guarantee the cleanliness and safety of your bottles while adhering to industry standards and contributing to environmental preservation.

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