Wine bottle washing machine

Wine is the result of a delicate fermentation process, and poorly cleaned or unsterilized containers can compromise its quality. To obtain a good wine, the washing of barrels and glass bottles must therefore be impeccable.

Fortunately, wine producers don’t need to spend hours manually cleaning their containers before filling them. All they need to do is invest in efficient washing, disinfecting and rinsing equipment, which will save them valuable time.

The Aquatech-BM bottle washer is the ideal tool for vineyards and wine producers. This wine bottle washing machine allows you to sterilize your containers and rinse them, ensuring that no dust or impurities will affect the quality of your wine once bottled.

In addition, if you wish to contribute to the fight against global warming by adopting ecological practices such as recycling or depositing bottles, Aquatech-BM technology will be of great help to you.

Indeed, according to a study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, the production of glass bottles represents approximately 60% of the carbon footprint of the wine container industry. Thus, the simple act of recovering and reusing wine bottles rather than producing new ones would significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from this industry (source: Environmental Science & Technology).

Thanks to our machine, you will be able to achieve your environmental objectives without worrying about compromising the health of your containers. Our bottle washer guarantees cleaning and sterilization to the highest standards, allowing you to reuse your bottles with confidence, while saving you time. In addition, thanks to its reduced water consumption and energy-efficient performance, our bottle washer is also considered ecological.

You can be assured that no unwanted particles will alter the aromas of your precious wine thanks to the efficiency of our equipment at Aquatech-BM. You will now save time while having peace of mind.