Disinfectant for bottle rinsing

To avoid compromising the quality of your product, it is essential to properly disinfect your containers before filling them. However, certain bottle sizes can pose additional disinfection challenges, especially when performed by hand, potentially resulting in ineffective disinfection. Additionally, even if a bottle has been cleaned, using it may cause disgust among your customers if you cannot guarantee that they have been completely sterilized.

It would therefore be advantageous to find a solution that simplifies this task while guaranteeing complete sterilization of the bottles according to market standards.

At Aquatech-BM, our multifunctional bottle washers can do all of this and save you time! Our machines inject detergent, disinfectant and rinse water into the containers, thus eliminating all microorganisms. Additionally, the rinse water temperature can be heated up to 90 degrees Celsius (194°F), creating a sterile environment for filling your products! This solution is also effective for reused bottles.

Such results could never be achieved by manual washing, because our body cannot withstand such high temperatures. Machines are therefore essential to achieve the desired disinfection results. At Aquatech-BM we are committed to contributing to the preservation of the environment, which is why our technology is also designed to be energy efficient, with reduced water consumption, making it more environmentally friendly. environment compared to many other bottle washers available on the market.

According to a study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, bottle production accounts for approximately 60% of the wine industry’s carbon footprint. The recovery of these bottles, combined with the use of our machine, constitutes a simple way to contribute to the fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (source: Environmental Science & Technology).

Join our many partners and choose Aquatech-BM machines for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting your containers!