Bottle washers in the beverage industry

There is a constant debate about the relative importance of content and container. In the commercial field, the appearance of a product is crucial to attract the attention of potential buyers. In the food industry, taste is an essential element to attract customers. However, in the beverage industry, and more specifically in the alcohol sectors, the health aspect is of paramount importance. Wine or beer producers know that the cleanliness of containers has a direct influence on the quality of their product.

For a wine or beer producer, it is essential to ensure that each bottle is disinfected and sterile when filling, because the quality of the product depends on it. However, when a large number of bottles are used every day, it becomes impossible to clean them quickly and flawlessly by hand.

Hiring staff to carry out this task would be a considerable expense. Studies confirm that it is far from hygienic to wash dishes by hand due to the high number of bacteria present in dishcloths, towels and sponges. Additionally, a cleaning machine is capable of reaching temperatures that humans would not be able to withstand, making it much more effective at eliminating bacteria. Plus, dishwashers and bottle washers use almost nine times less water than washing by hand, making them a much greener option.

This is why Aquatech-BM offers bottle cleaning equipment ideal for alcohol producers. In addition to guaranteeing an impeccable environment for filling your products, our technology allows you to contribute to preserving the environment thanks to its energy-efficient performance and low water consumption.

It is absolutely essential to have a bottle washer in the beverage industry to save valuable time and resources. Trust Aquatech-BM’s professional equipment to help you with this crucial task.

Some studies and sources to support the text:

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A study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology demonstrated that the use of automated bottle washers in the brewing industry significantly reduced microbial contamination compared to manual washing (source: Journal of Applied Microbiology).