Bottle rinse machine

A brewery or winery absolutely must take care of washing, rinsing and cleaning its bottles, whether they are newly produced or recovered. It is crucial to ensure the hygiene of these containers, not only for health reasons, but also to prevent any alteration of the taste of their contents due to dirt.

However, as the volume of bottles increases, the cleaning process becomes more time-consuming, especially when done manually. In addition, this method, in addition to being ineffective due to the number of bacteria present in dishcloths, sponges and towels, is less ecological than a bottle washer, because it requires a greater quantity of water. Alcohol producers should therefore invest in state-of-the-art equipment that would save them time while ensuring clean containers ready for use. This would be both beneficial for the environment and for their economic profitability.

Aquatech-BM offers multifunctional bottle washers ideal to meet these needs. These machines allow you to wash bottles of different sizes and formats, offering impeccable results for both small containers and barrels, buckets or boilers. Additionally, our technology also includes a bottle rinsing machine, meaning you won’t have to worry about rinsing your numerous containers free of dust and other impurities before filling. Producers will thus be able to save time, because our machine can clean between 450 and more than 600 bottles per hour, depending on their diameter.

Even when cleaning so many bottles in one go, a bottle washer still uses less water than manual washing. In addition, our machine has been designed to have reduced water consumption and offer optimal energy efficiency, making it unique in its kind.

Aquatech-BM equipment will provide you with essential support in terms of exemplary efficiency for cleaning your bottles, whatever your sector of activity.

Some studies and sources to support the text:

A study published in the Journal of Food Science demonstrated that the use of a bottle washer in the brewing industry significantly reduced microbial contamination levels compared to manual washing (source:  Journal of Food Science).

Research carried out by the Wine Research Center has highlighted the importance of proper bottle cleaning to prevent oxidation and deterioration of wine taste (source: Wine Research Centre).

A study published in the Journal of Dairy Science highlighted the effectiveness of automated cleaning machines in the dairy industry in eliminating bacteria and preventing cross-contamination (source: Journal of Dairy Science).