Bottle cleaning solution

Cleaning a large number of bottles can be a daunting task when it has to be done manually. Cleaning each bottle individually can be extremely time-consuming and may not give satisfactory results. Hiring staff to do this work not only represents a waste of time, but also an additional cost for the company.

It is therefore crucial for entrepreneurs whose production requires the use of a large number of glass containers and bottles to find a proven solution to deal with this problem. A solution that will allow them to save precious time and make significant savings.

At Aquatech-BM, we have developed a complete solution for cleaning bottles and containers. Our multifunction bottle washer is capable of washing small 20 ml bottles up to 26 L barrels. Additionally, our technology is designed with optimal energy efficiency and reduced water consumption, making it a solution eco-friendly for your cleaning needs.

Our expertise in the field allows us to guarantee you exceptional results, whatever your container and bottle cleaning requirements.

Solution for bottles: The Aquatech-BM bottle washer ensures precise washing, disinfection and rinsing of all bottles, regardless of the narrowness of the neck. The inside and outside of your bottles will be sterilized to the highest standards, eliminating any risk of harmful bacteria when filling.

Solution for small containers: Our technology is also suitable for cleaning small containers, such as 20 ml bottles. Its washing, disinfection and rinsing efficiency remains unchanged, which is particularly useful for laboratory workers, in the pharmaceutical sector and others, where perfect sterilization of instruments is essential.

Solution for large containers: Our machine can also clean barrels (kegs) up to 60 L, making it a valuable tool for winemakers, brewers and other beverage producers.

Some studies and sources to support the text:

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Research published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology highlighted the effectiveness of mechanical cleaning methods in reducing the microbial load of reusable bottles (source: Journal of Applied Microbiology).