Bottle Washer with Teats

For breeders of milk-fed calves and cattle, effective washing of bottles and teats is of paramount importance to preserve animal health. Indeed, studies have shown that baby bottles that are not adequately cleaned can be a source of bacterial contamination, which can lead to illness in young animals (source: Journal of Dairy Science.

Manual washing of bottles and teats has been shown to be ineffective in eliminating bacteria, with a negligible reduction in their presence (source: Journal of Food Protection). Additionally, hand washing requires higher water consumption than specialized machines, thus leading to wastage of valuable resources.

Using modern technology, such as that offered by Aquatech-BM, has many advantages. Not only does it guarantee efficient and sterile cleaning of bottles and teats, but it also offers significant time and money savings for breeders. Additionally, thanks to its low water consumption and energy-efficient performance, this technology helps reduce the environmental footprint of livestock farming.

Some interesting statistics to take into account:

According to a study, bacterial contamination of baby bottles can lead to increased calf mortality, which has a financial impact on livestock operations (source: The Professional Animal Scientist).

Bacteria in baby bottles can also affect the growth and development of calves, leading to reduced milk production as adults (source: Journal of Dairy Science.

One study showed that calves fed properly cleaned bottles had better health and weight gain compared to those fed uncleaned bottles (source: Veterinary Microbiology)..

It is therefore essential to invest in modern bottle and teat cleaning technologies to ensure the health and well-being of farm animals, as well as to optimize farm profitability.