Best bottle washer

For workers in the laboratory and pharmaceutical industry, as well as producers in the beverage industry, it is essential to have a machine capable of effectively sterilizing bottles and containers. Due to their large quantity, it is impossible to wash them manually effectively. Additionally, washing by hand or using outdated machines can result in considerable wastage of water, as well as wasted time and money.

To guarantee the sterilization of containers and bottles without the disadvantages of manual washing or old machines, opt for modern technology from Aquatech-BM.

Our company designs and manufactures high-quality, easy-to-use multi-function bottle washers. Our technology makes it possible to clean containers of different sizes and dimensions, ranging from small 20 ml formats to imposing 60 L, at a speed of 450 to 600 containers per hour, depending on their diameter. This corrosion-resistant stainless steel machine has a dual filtration system to collect debris from cleaned containers.

Additionally, the importance of having this type of technology is even more relevant and undeniable when it comes to the reuse of containers and bottles. To avoid any contamination between products, it is essential to ensure proper cleaning of containers. Glass containers, which can be reused 5 to 30 times, are much more environmentally friendly than plastic containers. Additionally, 60% of the beverage industry’s carbon footprint is generated during bottle production. Our technology helps you do your part for the environment by allowing you to reuse your containers safely. In addition, thanks to its low water consumption and energy-efficient performance, its use is more environmentally friendly than that of obsolete machines.

These features make the Aquatech-BM machine the best bottle washer for beverage producers, laboratory workers and the pharmaceutical industry.

Some interesting statistics:

    According to a study, the beverage sector represents around 60% of the food industry’s carbon footprint (source: Food Climate Research Network).

    Reusing glass containers saves up to 30% energy compared to producing new glass containers (source: Glass Packaging Institute).

    Glass containers can be reused on average between 5 and 30 times before being recycled (source: Recycling Council of Ontario