Aquatech BM : Excellence Award Finalist

It is with great pride that we announce that Aquatech-BM has been named a finalist in the “Sustainable Development” category of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry competition. As a company committed to sustainable development, we are honored to have our efforts recognized. For us, the protection of the environment is an economic, social and environmental imperative. That is why we seek, through our innovations, to help industries reduce their environmental impact by providing them with time and money saving machines. It is important for us to encourage as many companies as possible to opt for a sustainable development strategy.

This nomination would not have been possible without the efforts of our employees who work tirelessly on the development of the machines and who allow the development of the company. Thanks to their valuable efforts, Aquatech-BM has developed in different industries and is becoming increasingly successful throughout the world. That is why it is important to thank them properly and hope to win the first prize of the contest to give thanks to their work.
This nomination was also made possible thanks to the contribution and promotion of sustainable development in our region by our partners: Jean-Jacques Drieux from Développement économique Longueuil, Stéphanie Boudreau and Alina Mrut from the Bank of Montreal, but especially thanks to the elaboration of this prestigious contest organized by the Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie de la Rive-Sud. That is why we would like to thank all our partners and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for giving us the opportunity to showcase our work and the values we wish to convey.

It is true that participation in this competition is both a token of recognition for our work. But it is also a way for us to show that sustainable development occupies an important place in our society and that it is important to take this aspect into account in a company. Indeed, our machines have a positive impact on the environment since they allow the implementation of the deposit system through the reuse of glass bottles. Thanks to our washing machines, the bottles can be rinsed and disinfected in order to be reused. This practice is much better in terms of respect for the environment than recycling since it does not require the excessive use of energy. Our machines allow an economic gain for the companies because they use very little water and energy. Thanks to various features, it is possible to reduce the water consumption of the machine. This avoids waste and therefore saves money. Our machines also allow our customers to save time. Indeed, washing by hand can be restrictive and time consuming. That’s why our washers allow their users to rinse their bottles while doing other tasks at the same time. They therefore improve the speed of production of the companies that use them.

It is thanks to all these criteria that we were named finalists on March 30, 2023 at the Parcours du cerf in the “sustainable development” category. Indeed, this category identifies companies that stand out for their actions in sustainable development and that take into account in their business strategy the main principles of sustainable development on the financial, environmental, social and governmental levels. This is why we are very fortunate and honored to have our efforts recognized in each of these areas. We will have the opportunity to see if our efforts will push us to the top during the announcement of the winners at the Dominique-Rollin Gala that will take place on May 25th 2023 at the Mortagne Hotel.

In the meantime, we hope that through this article, we have succeeded in showing our desire to extend sustainable development in different industries and that we are very grateful for the help of our partners and collaborators in the development and recognition of the company. We also wish good luck and success to all the other finalists of the competition.