Important message Covid-19

Pandemic covid-19 Aquatech-bm offers a solution for cleaning and sterilizing containers.

Due to the evolution of the VIDOC-19 pandemic in Quebec and around the world, I would like to inform you of the measures put in place at Aquatech-BM to ensure the safety and health of our team members, suppliers, subcontractors and customers who continue to purchase the bottle-washing machines, here in Canada and around the world.

Aquatech-BM has promoted teleworking to the greatest extent possible for those who can afford to do so. We have also adjusted production within the plant. To ensure the plant’s optimal level of cleanliness, strict sanitary measures have been and will be applied several times during the day. All handy devices, equipment, toilets and handles will be cleaned with industrial disinfectant. Products sold and transported by transport (local, national or international) are also disinfected to avoid the risk of contamination by spills, some of which can survive for 9 to 10 days on the affected surfaces. Aquatech-BM is aware of the danger and appropriate measures are taken to assure customers that it is safe to do business with our company.




Each team member must wash their hands regularly as a preventive measure. Soap and disinfectant are available for everyone.


During the pandemic period, breaks are taken at varying times and locations throughout the day, as team members must avoid crowding.


Aquatech-BM requested that the following restrictions be respected and recommendations be followed as of March 13, 2020:

-Members must cancel their participation in major events or gatherings;

-Business travel to all countries, including the United States, is prohibited until further notice;

-Members who have traveled abroad or have had physical contact with friends or family who have traveled should watch for symptoms. They should take their temperature twice a day and watch for any symptoms similar to VIDOC-19.

-If fever or symptoms develop, the member should contact health services immediately, inform their manager and take the necessary precautions by voluntarily placing themselves in isolation for 14 days or more if other family members are also infected or require convalescent care.

-Aquatech-BM asks that social distancing measures be respected at all times, even outside working hours. Above all, it is highly recommended to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m, for team members and for subcontractors, suppliers, and people dealing in any way with Aquatech-BM.



The restrictions are in accordance with the requirements issued by the governments of Quebec and Canada. Instructions will be updated as they are given to the general public and businesses to minimize the current crisis.

On a global scale, we are living through an exceptional situation that requires everyone’s efforts to stop the contamination. Fortunately, our company is able to continue its operations for the time being. Aquatech-BM works in a hygienic field in line with the booming circular economy and does everything possible to maintain its jobs. With an open-mindedness and a sense of teamwork, constraints can be avoided while hoping for the least possible impact on our members, suppliers, subcontractors and customers.

Aquatech-BM will be in constant communication with those concerned to keep them informed of developments and decisions made by the various levels of government, whether municipal, provincial or federal. It goes without saying that the recommendations will have to be followed to the fullest extent of the law. The health and well-being of our team members is and will always be a priority.

That being said, the precautionary rule prevails and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that operations are conducted in a safe manner.

If you have any questions regarding our corporate response to the VIDOC-19 pandemic, you can write to:

Thank you for your trust and collaboration