Aquatech BM bottle Washer and Cleaner

Aquatech BM-launches the Industrial washer

We officially launched the Industrial Washer to the delight of our customers. This is our new premium, multi-functional bottle washer. Our experts have designed this bottle washer considering all the needs of our customers.

Indeed, we understood that it was necessary to design a reasonably sized machine that cleans a large quantity of bottles in a single wash. This washer is manufactured to meet industry standards. It can last several thousand cycles and it has the capacity to wash 450 to 600 bottles per hour. This is a particularly impressive performance. Designed in stainless steel, this bottle washer
ensures optimal cleanliness. It is designed with high density materials and it is very sturdy. Our new bottle washers have an optimized design to help increase your productivity.

Our bottle washers can be customized to hold bottles and containers of all shapes and sizes. They can also reach very high temperatures. This guarantees you exemplary cleanliness. Thus, they perfectly clean and sterilize your bottles and containers. In addition, the new Aquatech-BM bottle washer uses little energy and little water. This is why it is considered to be an eco-responsible machine. Cleaning bottles is now easier than ever. You will get unparalleled results. Such a high standard of cleanliness cannot be achieved with hand washing. Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us for more information.

Take a look a the industrial washer