Aquatech-BM launches the Industrial washer

Industrial container washer for big barrils
We officially launched the Industrial Washer to the delight of our customers. This is our new premium, multi-functional bottle washer. Our experts have designed this bottle washer considering all the needs of our customers. commercial drum and barrel washer Indeed, we understood that it was necessary to design a reasonably sized machine that cleans a large quantity of bottles in a single wash. This washer is manufactured to meet industry standards. It can last several thousand cycles and it has the capacity to wash 100 to 300 bottles per hour. This is a particularly impressive performance. Designed in stainless steel, this container washer ensures optimal cleanliness. It is designed with high density materials and it is very sturdy. Our new bottle washers have an optimized design to help increase your productivity. Product Description: Our Industrial Multi-Purpose Container Sanitizer is engineered to meet the rigorous cleaning demands of various industries. It’s a robust machine adept at washing, cleaning, and sanitizing an extensive range of containers including buckets, drums, barrels, and large-scale containers. Key Features:
  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether it’s a standard bucket, a 55-gallon drum, or larger storage barrels, this machine is equipped with adjustable settings to handle containers of various shapes and sizes.
  • Advanced Sanitizing Technology: Utilizing high-temperature steam, powerful detergents, or eco-friendly sanitizing agents, our machine delivers a deep clean that eradicates bacteria and contaminants, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards.
  • High-Capacity Performance: Designed for industrial use, our sanitizer can process a significant volume of containers per cycle, boosting your operation’s efficiency and throughput.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive control panel simplifies operation, allowing for easy selection of cleaning cycles and monitoring of the sanitization process.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials resistant to corrosion and wear, this machine withstands the toughest industrial environments and demanding cleaning tasks.
  • Eco-Conscious Operation: With features like water recycling systems and energy-efficient heating, our sanitizer reduces your ecological footprint while maintaining peak performance.
Ideal for industries requiring the highest level of hygiene, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing, our Industrial Multi-Purpose Container Sanitizer is the workhorse that ensures your containers are not just visibly clean, but meet the highest sanitation standards. This machine streamlines your cleaning process, saving you time and resources while providing peace of mind that your products are stored and transported in impeccably clean containers. Our bottle washers can be customized to hold bottles and containers of all shapes and sizes. They can also reach very high temperatures. This guarantees you exemplary cleanliness. Thus, they perfectly clean and sterilize your bottles and containers. In addition, the new Aquatech-BM bottle washer uses little energy and little water. This is why it is considered to be an eco-responsible machine. Cleaning bottles is now easier than ever. You will get unparalleled results. Such a high standard of cleanliness cannot be achieved with hand washing. Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us for more information. Take a look a the industrial washer

Current Challenges Our Clients Face

Glass Shortage

Resource Scarcity: The limited availability of glass or plastic containers presents a significant operational hurdle.

Manual Washing Issues

Operational Efficiency: The manual washing of glassware demands considerable labor, impacting both quality control and the handling of extensively soiled items.

Staff Retention

Workforce Stability: Retaining a dedicated workforce for manual washing positions is increasingly difficult, affecting continuity and productivity.