Aquatech BM launches the multi-function dryer

Bottle drying machine

Designed for many plastic, stainless steel and aluminum containers

We officially launched the multi-function dryer. After several years of research, we are pleased to present a top of the range, superior quality product to you. The multi-function dryer is easy to use. It allows rapid evaporation and it has an impressive volume. Our multifunction dryer will help increase your productivity. It is designed with a sturdy structure to last over time. You will get quick drying. The inside and outside of your containers will be perfectly dry.

The multi-function dryer has high speed air flow. This asset allows it to be the best dryer on the market to date. The temperature and the drying time are optimized to give you a considerable yield. It is possible to adjust the drying parameters according to what best suits your set up system. The dryer includes interchangeable baskets that can accommodate all sizes, shapes and types of containers. The dryer has a load capacity of 30 bottles. You will no longer have to waste precious time drying your containers.

Trust our new multifunction dryer.

plastic container dryer