Wine Bottle Cleaner – How Does a Wine Bottle Washer Save Money?

In the last decade, society has become aware of the importance of environmental care and more precisely of the damage caused by the use of single-use plastics. However, given our daily needs, we have not been able to find that balance between the desire to be more environmentally responsible and the fact of complying with the necessary health requirements that guarantee the well being of our customers. 

One of the major commercial reasons many wineries and distilleries are opting to wash and reuse their bottles is the cost saving. 

First, of course, there’s the cost of the bottles themselves, which is virtually eliminated by reusing them. A new label and cork or cap are all it takes to turn a reused bottle into one that’s good as new and ready for the shelf. 

However, a wine bottle washer is also a labor saver. By using a smart, automated wine bottle cleaner, you can clean many bottles at the same time, with minimal labor required. This cuts down on the costs to clean your bottles for reuse, which again affects your bottom line.

Why using a wine bottle cleaner is the best choice for the environment

With our wine bottle cleaner you will be able to wash and sanitize your bottles in a complete way up to the bottom of the bottle. no need to use cleaning brushes, our cleaner machine works with pressurized water at high temperatures. This water is used to sterilize the bottle eliminating all contaminants and leaving it ready to be bottled again.

The importance of reusing bottles is based on the fact that, according to a research, 60% of the carbon footprint of the wine industry comes from the manufacture of bottles. That said, it is understood that bottle recovery in your company can represent a significant help to the planet. Mentioning also the economic benefits for your company to stop buying new bottles.  

Smart Wine Bottle Washer Features

Even when we are working to be greener, efficient products that make business sense still matter to businesses everywhere, and wineries are no different. So, you want to look for products that make good sense as well as being eco minded. 

Look for a wine bottle washer that includes the following features:

The idea of washing and reusing wine bottles might be fairly new, but it’s sure to become the norm rather than the exception. Getting ahead of the curve and investing in technology that lets you clean your wine and other bottles for reuse is a smart business decision, and one that every winery and distillery should be considering – if they haven’t already. 

What About Water Use?

It’s fair to argue that using a lot of water is not good for the environment either. Which is why, when companies like Aquatech BM design their wine bottle washers, we make sure that they are as water efficient as possible. The small amount of water used is completely offset by the carbon footprint reduction, and because no harmful chemicals are required for the process, the wastewater is safe to return to the environment.

To conclude, the implementation of our wine bottle cleaner in your company will allow you not only a cost saving but also a significant contribution to the environment. Contact one of our experts for more information!