The importance of rinsing bottles before bottling

rinsing stainless bottles before bottling to get wid of the industrial smell after delivery

Bottle rinsing machine

Bottles are a crucial part of any drinks production process and play an integral role for businesses that sell beverages. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is that they need to be rinsed before filling (or re-filling). This step is essential for hygiene and safety reasons. However, the process of cleaning bottles can be lengthy and labor-intensive. Additionally, some types of bottles are more difficult to clean than others. We discuss how a bottle rinsing machine can clean bottles for you and alleviate some of the challenges – as well as keep your staff and customers happy!

Rinsing Bottles For Safety and Hygiene

The number one reason that bottles need to be rinsed is consumer safety. The general public drinks out of these containers, and they want to know that it has been properly cleaned before any liquids were poured into. Wineries have a special reason why their bottles need to be rinsed, as they are often re-using the bottles after being filled with wine. They want to remove any bacteria that has built up in the bottle, so it does not contaminate their new product. This is also valid for other types of businesses that re-use bottles regularly, such as restaurants, pubs, distilleries, brewers, juice producers and more.

Good hygiene procedures are important, particularly when you are catering to the public. You must follow good practice, as it will help to avoid contamination of new products, which can lead to illness or waste. All of the containers you use should be clean and free from bacteria. This way, you can present your best foot forward when selling them and be assured that your customers are getting a safe product.

The job of the rinsing machine is simply to ensure your bottles have been properly cleaned before being filled or moved along for storage. It is particularly helpful if you are using oddly shaped bottles. For instance, you can use your bottle rinsing machine as a growler rinser!

Introducing The Aquatech BM Bottle And Container Rinser 

The Aquatech BM Bottle And Container Rinsing machine is a great investment for any business that sells beverages and/or food. This piece of equipment will clean bottles at an accelerated rate, ensuring your product meets high hygiene standards and is safe to be consumed by the public. It also speeds up cleaning processes in general so you can focus on other aspects of your company or simply enjoy some free time.

The Aquatech BM Bottle And Container Rinser presents a lot of handy features that your business will love. These include:

  • A compact design that will fit into any environment without taking up too much space.
  • Adjustable rinsing temperature: you can choose a high degree or just a normal temperature depending on your needs.
  • Programmable cycles (using the digital screen).
  • Easy to connect to your hot water supply with a simple hose.
  • Can be tailor-made to adapt to your specific needs
  • Optional extras include intensive cleaning nozzles, caustic wash option, upper wash arm activation, water level selector, HMI digital interface, multi-item laundry basket and more!

With such great features, the Aquatech BM Bottle And Container Rinsing machine can effectively help improve hygiene standards, reduce labour costs and maximize production rates.

Why You Should Rinse Your Bottles With The Aquatech BM Bottle And Container Rinser 

There are several reasons why you should use the Aquatech BM Bottle And Container Rinser. Your business will benefit from this highly efficient machine in the following ways:

  • It increases hygiene levels. The Aquatech BM Bottle And Container Rinser ensures your product is safe to consume by killing any harmful bacteria left on the bottles after they are washed with soap and water.
  • It helps you make sure you meet health regulations for filling products like soft drinks, juices, alcohol and more.
  • Bottle rinsing machines are a cost-effective investment. In fact, you could save money in the long term by investing in one of these units as they will help to reduce your labour costs and make sure that each bottle is perfectly clean before it fills with liquids. This means increased productivity and less wastage from returned products! In terms of new equipment, they are not expensive to purchase.
  • It makes your work environment safer for employees. The Aquatech BM Bottle And Container Rinser has a pressure washer built-in, so you can blast out dirt and grime without having to touch the bottle with your bare hands or any kind of cleaning tool – making it much less likely for you to burn or cut yourself.
  • It increases productivity and output speed. With the Aquatech BM Bottle And Container Rinser, you can clean more bottles faster and with less effort. In fact, it allows to thoroughly clean all types of bottles (for instance, it can be used as a growler rinser), with a washing capacity of 100 to 1200 bottles per hour. The water jets blast away grime, rather than relying on traditional methods that take a lot of time and energy for just one bottle.
  • It is quick and easy to maintain. This product will require very little upkeep, yet it is built with high-quality components that are capable of working day in, day out without wearing down or breaking down on you – increasing your productivity levels. The Aquatech BM Bottle Rinser is also built to last for years, so you can enjoy reduced costs associated with servicing and replacement.
  • It keeps your customers happy! If someone comes into your restaurant or business and their drink comes out dirty, they will be displeased, and this could have a negative impact on your reputation.

This is why you should invest in the Aquatech BM Bottle And Container Rinsing machine for your business! If you have any questions about this great bottle rinser or would like to know more about how we can adapt it to your business, give us a call on 1-450-651-0909 or email Our dedicated expert team will be able to answer any questions about the product, installation or delivery process.

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