Aquatech BM bottle Washer and Cleaner

We've worked with many dairy farmers. We know how to customize to your needs.

Bottle Washing Machine

The best machine on the market. Our bottle washers are the most efficient cleaning solution available. Aquatech-BM has sold hundreds of bottle washers worldwide to satisfied customers.

Main Features:


  • 30 bottle/cycle load capacity for 750 ml and 1 liter standard bottles
  • Rack adapter accommodates 30-200 to 500 ml bottles
  • Capable of washing 450 to 600+ bottles/hour
  • Machines built to industrial standards
  • Low water consumption
  • Choice of 3 pre-programmed wash cycles



Made for Dairy Farms

The average dairy farm contains 115 mature cows, each of them producing about 7 gallons of milk per day. If you count precisely, that makes more than 800 gallons of milk each and every day! Therefore, you have to provide the right storage in order to keep the milk fresh. The most common method is the glass bottle. But before using them, they have to pass through a thorough cleaning, washing and sanitizing process. And that is a lot of bottles to clean!



Cleaning solution for milk bottles

The deep cleaning design of our custom bottle washers ensures our customers’ satisfaction. Our commercial washers manufactured to industry standards allow us to be the industry leader in washing and sterilizing bottles of any size.



Sterilize Glass Bottles

Dairy farms are also looking at their own customized, returnable and reusable glass bottles. It’s giving the opportunity to create a circular economy in your business.



Any Type of Bottles

These will bring significant savings over time while helping reduce waste by reusing and re-purposing their old bottles. Our bottle cleaner, with its energy saving performance and low water consumption, will contribute to reducing costs as it reduces waste. Choose the eco-friendly option by trusting our Multi-Function Washer.



The Importance of Sterilizing

For many years, the company Aquatech-BM has played a leading role with companies who want to rely on affordable high performance devices to clean and disinfect their bottles or containers.

Aquatech-BM is a competent team, which has experience based on many years of work and unique expertise in the manufacture and sale of washing and sterilization devices for bottles. Its clientele includes winemakers, brewers, dairy farms, hoteliers and laboratories, to name a few.

Whether for the breeding of cows, sheep or goats, farmers in several countries wish to offer organic or artisanal production in glass bottles. Often times, they want to reuse their own personalized, returnable containers. The demand for the return of the returnable glass bottle is increasing and Aquatech-BM has a wide range of high-performance devices to accomplish the task of washing and sterilization.



Bottles for Young Animals

With the same bottle washer, farm staff can wash bottles and teats, of all sizes and formats. Tested and proven, this possibility helps in the prevention of contamination by providing clean and sterilized containers.

Reviews From Our Clients:

“This bottle washing solution helped me a lot. I’m saving about 5 hours a week since I bought their machine. In the the beginning I wasn’t sure, but now I recommend them to anyone. After buying mine, I realized that my friend has been using one for the last 5 years and it’s working perfectly. We’re both micro brewers that need to clean our bottles.”

“Apart from the efficiency of the Multi-Function Washer, Aquatech-BM after sales support is unparalleled. No regrets buying your equipment for our beer and wine making facility.”


“We are a bottled water delivery company who purify and bottle our water. We currently own three washers.

These machines are not perfect and bulletproof by any means, but they are very reliable.

The reason I am writing this review is to mention that the service provided by Aquatec is absolutely amazing. In the going on three years we’ve been using this equipment we’ve had a few issues. At no time was it ever a problem getting Victor on the phone and getting the problem solved. 

And it wasn’t always easy. We actually had to ship one machine back and they rebuilt it. The big deal about that was that it wasn’t their fault, but they wanted the machine to be working. They actually care. “

If you need a machine that works 100%, 100% of the time I’m not sure where you’re going to find it. If you need a machine that has a company standing behind it completely you found it. I would definitely recommend getting an AquaTech washer if you are in the market

Our machines are currently operating 721 businesses around the world




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Easy-to-operate Bottle cleaners

Our team of experts has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of commercial and industrial bottle cleaners and sterilizing equipment. Rely on expertise, knowledge and skills. Every machine we produce is built to last, and each is rigorously tested then adjusted to deliver the highest quality product that is perfected for your industry. Our bottle cleaners are reliable, and so efficient that they do the work of much bigger machines while using less water. Additionally, they are energy efficient and are able to work with whatever electricity is available in your area.